‘RHONJ’ Amber Marchese And Melissa Gorga Enjoy Girls’ Night Out

Amber Marchese and Melissa Gorga’s friendship with one another seems to be getting stronger by the day. On Sunday, Amber, who joined Melissa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey last season, posted photos that show that she, Melissa, and a few other friends had a fun girls’ night out on Saturday.

One photo shows Amber and Melissa sitting on a couch with three other women and two men. The photos show Melissa leaning into Amber while Amber rests her hand on Melissa’s thigh. Melissa wore a tight, pink sheath dress, while Amber opted for a floral romper. Amber admitted that hanging out with the big group of people was like the old days, days from 15 years ago to be exact.

“Last night was a little bit like a time warp back 15 years, but so much fun! #goodtimes #greatvibe#awesomefriend #rhonj”


Another photo was tagged “#oldfriendsnewfriends.”

“Last one for the mamas night out with her girls!#summernights #friends#oldfriendsnewfriends #rhonj.”


Melissa Gorga and Amber Marchese were actually friends at one point years prior to Amber joining the reality TV show for is sixth season. The two were friends when they were in their 20s, and Amber even took part in Melissa’s wedding to Joe Gorga.

Surprisingly, their reunion on The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t go so well. The two had drama with one another early on in the season. At one point, Amber was mad at Melissa for what she thought was backstabbing behavior. Amber told Melissa that she heard that fellow newbie Nicole Napolitano wasn’t faithful in her marriage, and that’s why she got divorced. Melissa, in turn, told Nicole, who angrily confronted Amber and even pulled her hair.

In an interview with All Things Real Housewives in August 2014, Amber blasted Melissa for stabbing her behind her back.

“I feel that she has become hardened. She was never so manipulative, she never went behind my back and stirred up trouble. She was my true friend. Even if I said something she didn’t like she would just tell me. But there was definitely no going behind my back and stirring up trouble. Melissa and I never fought once. We never even had an argument before.”

Amber also said that she was approached to be on the show because producers knew that she knew Melissa and was once friends with her.

In July 2014, Melissa, in an interview with OK! Magazine, admitted that she was “in shock” when she learned that Amber was joining the show. Melissa said that she texted Amber to welcome her to the show and warned that it would be “a bumpy ride.” Melissa further explained that they were party friends in their 20s who then drifted apart after getting married and having kids.

Judging by Amber Marchese’s recent photos, she and Melissa Gorga have moved on from their drama and are back to being friends. As the Inquisitr reported, the two also hung out last weekend. Now the big question remains if and when Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns, and whether Amber and Melissa will be on it.

[Photo by Brad Barket / Getty Images]