People Tricked Into Eating ‘FreshPet’ Dog Food — YouTube Video Ad Gets 670,000 Views [Video]

When talk turns to people eating dog food, a scene from an episode of Good Times may pop into viewers’ heads. There was one episode that featured a woman was so poor that she could only afford to buy cans of dog food to eat. But that philosophy has changed with the new FreshPet YouTube video going viral, so much so that Twitter reports “dog food” as one of their top trending hashtags.

First published on July 27 to YouTube, the FreshPet video has gained nearly 670,000 views since that time — a bonafide viral hit. FreshPet shows people taking part in an eating experiment, and the surprise and shock that comes to their faces when they learn they’ve been eating dog food.

Without knowing beforehand that the delectable dishes placed in front of them contain actual dog food, the eaters react in a varying ways. Some continue to eat while others laugh. One older man says that he wanted to say the burgers and chicken tacos that he had just consumed tasted like dog food, but he didn’t admit it prior to the dog food admission being made.


“Will they like it?”

The FreshPet experiment proved valuable in getting attention for their product, with the tasting participants stating that their dogs would be lucky enough to eat food so good. Indeed, the thought process being that food that tastes good enough for humans to consume would be good enough for dogs to devour is getting attention on social media networking sites.

“This company tricked kids into eating dog food in hamburgers: 3,837 Tweets about this trend”

According to Twitter’s top trends list, nearly 4,000 tweets about the FreshPet experiment have cropped up by Sunday, August 2.

“Do you have a doggy bag?”

As pointed out in the Mashable article about the YouTube video, which has been shared more than 1,500 times, some diners who ate the FreshPet dog food didn’t mind that FreshPet tricked them into eating dog food at all. Instead, one woman asked for a doggy bag to haul her uneaten portion home.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the FreshPet foolishness isn’t the only YouTube video going viral. Nor are they the only product going viral thanks to social media innovative marketing. Kylie Jenner gave a big boost to PureLeef, a cream that purports to naturally lift butts and breasts without needing breast lift surgeries or dangerous butt silicone injections.

“FreshPet makes all natural pet food and treats made of fresh meats & veggies.”

[Image via YouTube]