Calls To Cancel ‘The Simpsons’ As Show Enters Season 27

It’s been a busy off season for The Simpsons, no small feat for a show entering its historic 27th season.

In June, news broke that Marge and Homer Simpson were headed for divorce. Then executive producer and showrunner of The Simpsons, Al Jean, backtracked when fan reaction was more negative than expected. It seems that animated comedy’s first couple won’t divorce, but they will legally separate. Jean wouldn’t comment on whether or not Homer and Marge Simpson will stay separated, but he did tell viewers that the already infamous episode will air on September 27. Its worth noting that the episode won’t be the first time Marge and Homer have taken a break from one another. Most notably, Marge leaving Homer is a pivotal part of the plot in The Simpsons Movie.

Then there was the news that longtime cast member Harry Shearer had quit The Simpsons after contract negotiations broke down. Shearer provides the voices for Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, and several other well-known characters. The exact sticking point in negotiations is unknown, but given Shearer’s history, its possible that Shearer and Fox couldn’t agree on whether or not he would get a cut of the residuals generated by The Simpsons‘ numerous syndication deals. Never fear, Shearer and Fox eventually came to an agreement, and the veteran actor signed on for Seasons 27 and 28 of The Simpsons.

Then there was the most devastating news of all. In upcoming episodes, Bart Simpson will die. As previously reported by the Inqusitr, everyone’s favorite bad boy will meet his end at the hands of longtime enemy Sideshow Bob. Sideshow Bob has tried to kill Bart Simpson numerous times over the life of The Simpsons, since Bart thwarted his plan to frame Krusty the Clown for murder. Of course, Bart won’t really die. Sideshow Bob will only achieve his lifelong dream in Season 27’s “Treehouse of Horror” episode. The yearly anthology episodes never affect the rest of the season or any subsequent seasons, so it’s safe to say that Bart will be alive and well the following week.

With so much misinformation and backpedaling, fans of The Simpsons can be forgiven for fatigue heading into Season 27, and now, some fans are calling for The Simpsons to be put out of it’s misery. Entertainment. ie is officially calling for The Simpsons to be cancelled, citing a marked slip in quality over the years.

“What began as an alternative to the mainstream trash – creator Matt Groening’s own words, by the way — has crossed over and become just that. Trash. It’s almost a cliche to say it nowadays, but The Simpsons stopped being funny, stopped being good in and around the tenth season.”

Of course, The Simpsons is still among the highest rated shows on Fox, so don’t expect cancellation any time soon.

[Photo via Fox]