iPhone 5s Remains A Solid Smartphone, Is It Upgrade Time?

The iPhone 5s remains a solid smartphone, but with all of the talk surrounding the iPhone 6s and 7, is it time to consider an upgrade?

When it comes to practicality, functionality, and stunning looks, the iPhone 5s still fits the bill. The smartphone uses the same processor as the current Apple device. The camera is close to the same as the iPhone 6 and many of the functions are similar. The iPhone 6 is an upgrade over the iPhone 5s in several aspects. Consumers are still quite pleased with their last generation mobile device.

With the proposed September release of the iPhone 6s, the gap will widen. Features from the processor — the iPhone 6s will boast the A9 chip — to the IOS system will make iPhone 5s owners foam at the mouth. The website Gotta Be Mobile goes further in explaining the gap with their comparisons of the two smartphones.

First, the iPhone 6s will come in two sizes – a 4.7-inch version and a 5.7-inch model. They both will be equipped with a retina display. Capacity size will come down to choices. For those who want the basics, there will be a 16/32 GB option. If you want to go bigger, and we all know that bigger is usually better, there will be a 64 GB and 128 GB options as well.

More space for your apps, music, pictures, and videos is what the iPhone 6s is promising. Speaking of photos and videos, both will be boosted by an improved 12-megapixel camera.

Is it still enough to turn in turn your iPhone 5s?

If you are budget conscious, you will want to consider this – the price of the iPhone 5s was slashed by Apple just recently. It was a decision made by the tech giant with the intentions of boosting sales. It has helped Apple have a strong showing in sales despite the decrease of their stock value. You can now go to many cellphone providers and make a purchase of the iPhone 5s and not break your bank. Stores are currently selling the last generation smartphone for approximately $100 with the agreement of signing a two-year plan. Wal-Mart is carrying the iPhone 5s at $98.

For that price, potential owners will still get a nice bang for their buck.

Apple’s features for the iPhone 5s are stronger than most of the smartphones currently on the market today. Sans the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, and LG G4, it would be an interesting argument to have with anybody regarding the value of the iPhone 5s.

Rumors continue to buzz about with the iPhone 6s. When it comes out, it will be an upgrade over the iPhone 5s. Does that mean it is time to rush to the stores and get it? You decide. The overall value and features of the iPhone 5s are enough to force you to at least think long and hard about it.

[Photo by Larn Yik Fei/Getty Images News]