George Clooney: Actor-Humanitarian, Wife Amal Set To Cameo In Cindy Crawford Production

George Clooney is more than just a talented actor with a handsome face. The Batman and Robin star is not just a “talk the talker,” but a “walk the walker” who has been involved in supporting a variety of causes over the years, such as the recent Save The Arctic campaign. It is no surprise that Clooney is a bit of a humanitarian who uses his fame and wealth to assist in spreading word, as well as funding initiatives.

Recently, as Movie Pilot relays, Clooney has been outed as being integral in one more cause that deserves recognition. The publication notes that “after starring in the movie Syriana, a film about the state of the oil industry in the hands of those personally involved and affected by it,” Clooney became inspired to lend a hand in bringing recognition to Oil Change — a cause which he had learned about while shooting the movie. The campaign’s mission, as shared by Movie Pilot, is “to eliminate America’s dependence on foreign oil.”

When questioned as to the reason Clooney feels inspired to become involved in the cause, he spoke honestly and with determination.

“If you’re doing a movie about oil consumption and corruption, you can’t just talk the talk – You gotta walk the walk.”

It is not only the campaign that the star has become involved in either. George Clooney also helps to save lives in Sudan — a war-torn location for over 21 years, and one that has claimed more than 2 million lives. In what way does Clooney assist in lessening the death toll while the war rages on? The star teamed up with Digital Globe and the Enough Project, which uses satellite surveillance to monitor “potential human rights abuses in Sudan.”

George spoke to the publication about the project which has been funded by Clooney’s Nespresso advertising campaign.

“We went to DigitalGlobal and asked why, if you can Google Earth my house, can’t we do that to war criminals too? In the last few months we’ve been able to get photographs of mass graves and observe the bombing of civilians. Most of the money I make on the Nespresso commercials I spend keeping a satellite over the border of North and South Sudan to keep an eye on Omar al-Bashir (the Sudanese dictator charged with war crimes at The Hague).”

The past five years that the project, initiated by Clooney, has been underway, full scale civil war has been kept at bay. So, as it turns out, both he and wife Amal are heavily involved in the fight for human rights. However, Amal may be crossing the boundary of human rights lawyer to on-screen beauty. International Business Times shares that model Cindy Crawford has a new project in the works involving a production, titled Icon, which unveils the truths within modelling agencies and “speculations are rife that Amal Clooney, the spouse of her long-time friend George Clooney, will appear in a cameo role.”

Amal Clooney has certainly garnered continuous attention during her day-t0-day, so is no stranger to the spotlight.

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