Nicki Minaj Won’t Give Up Friendship With Drake, Meek Mill Reportedly Furious

Nicki Minaj has just added more fuel to the Drake and Meek Mill fire. By now, everyone knows that Meek Mill has been trolled by social media users all around the country following his highly disappointing response to Drake’s diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.”

However, that’s not all. To his shock and dismay, apparently, his girlfriend hasn’t been as supportive as he may have expected. In fact, it has been reported that Nicki hasn’t made much an effort to defend Meek Mill and plans to maintain her friendship with Drake. Needless to say, he’s absolutely furious with her decision.

According to Hollywood Life, an insider has reportedly put the ongoing feud into perspective. Although Meek is Nicki’s boyfriend, Drake is like a brother to her, and she has no plans of severing ties with him simply because Meek couldn’t back up his own claims.

For those who missed it, Meek Mill actually started this whole debacle when he slammed Drake on Twitter by insisting he uses ghostwriters. However, Meek was in for a big surprise when Drake responded and he ultimately failed to deliver a strong track. Needless to say, no one probably expected Meek Mill’s comment to spark such a big feud, but Nicki reportedly feels its still not enough to end her friendship with Drake.

“Nicki wants to continue being Drake’s friend but as far as this feud, she doesn’t want to be part of it and she hates being tangled all up in it,” the insider explained. “Drake is like a brother. For real. She respects him as a person and as an artist and no one can take the fact away that he’s a heavy hitter in the music biz,” the insider said. “Not even her man Meek, and she wants him to know that too. There’s enough power, respect and money to go around and she wants Drake and Meek to realize that so they can each have some of the pie.”


The ongoing feud, along with Nicki’s decision to continue being friends with Drake, has put quite a strain on the “Truffle Butter” rapper’s relationship with Meek. Although many rumors suggest the couple may have called it quits, Meek Mill insists they are still together despite the alleged strain his beef with Drake has caused.

Do you think Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship will survive? Share your thoughts.

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