Caitlyn Jenner Under Fire From Friends Over Views, Eager To Look More Like Angelina Jolie

Friends whom Caitlyn Jenner has become close with while she continues her transgender journey seem to be having a hard time dealing with Jenner’s conservative views. As Inquisitr recently reported, in an upcoming episode of I Am Cait, Caitlyn is in the midst of a conversation with other members of the transgender community who she has become close with, and makes some surprising statements that has her new friends concerned. E! Online shares the statement about social programs and how they affect people of the transgender community.

“Don’t a lot of times they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry level job. But you don’t want people to get totally dependent on it. That’s when they get in trouble. Why should I work?”

LGBT activist Jenny Boylan responds to this statement by Caitlyn and does not shy away from showing she is off-put by it.

“Now I’m worried. Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Living in the bubble is an impediment to understanding other people. Cait’s going to be a spokesperson for the community. This is something she’s going to have to understand.”

However, the journey and all that goes along with the new community, within which Jenner is now creating bonds, is just new to her, which should cause those who misunderstand her viewpoints to have more compassion and patience until she understands the full realities as to the difficulties that face individuals of the transgender community.

When it comes to Caitlyn’s outward appearance, the star is definitely gaining praise and admiration. Her style is on point and she looks lovely all around. However, the reality star is not yet pleased with her appearance as is. It has been reported that Jenner wishes to look more like Angelina.

A friend close to the former Olympic champion recently shared with Life & Style that being an Angelina look-a-like is Jenner’s end goal. Independent Online relays the source’s words.

“As soon as she started dressing as a woman, people told her how much she resembles Angie. That’s what she’s been striving for, so it was the biggest compliments she could be given.She wants to do it gradually–one feature at a time.”

Earlier this month, the publication reminds that Caitlyn was even granted the assistance of Angelina’s stylist in order to ensure to look her best for her big moment at the ESPY Awards. Jen Rade was the star stylist who brought Jenner into the public eye looking divine.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nederlander)