Amy Schumer Responds To Open Letter About Lafayette Shooting

About a week after the Lafayette theater shooting, Sarah Clements, a gun-control activist, took to the blogging platform Medium to address actor and comedian Amy Schumer. In her open letter to the actor, Clements says that she can relate to the way Amy must be feeling. Clements is the daughter of a Sandy Hook shooting survivor.

After Sandy Hook, Clements became a gun-control activist and now works to further restrict access to firearms in the United States. Throughout her article, Clements pleads with Amy Schumer to join the fight against gun violence.

Clements wrote that she and other millennials look up to Amy Schumer.

“Amy Schumer, I and many other Millennials look up to you so much. You are our generation’s epitome of what it means to be a strong, powerful, self-aware champion for the experiences and truths of being a woman and an American today.”

The Lafayette shooting took place in a movie theater that was showing Trainwreck, which stars Amy Schumer. Two women died in the attack and nine others were injured, while the shooter committed suicide. It’s unclear if the movie itself had anything to do with John Houser’s targeting of the theater that he attacked. Clements believes that Ms. Schumer feels some amount of guilt for what happened.

“I know the guilt, the sadness, the hole in your heart you’re feeling. I know the crushing anxiety you have for Jillian Johnson and Mayci Breaux and their families. I know the sudden feeling that you are not safe anywhere anymore, the numbness that whisks through your limbs and makes you forget that you’re human and that you’re in control.”

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Schumer apparently read Clements’ open letter and is planning on doing something in response to the shooting. What exactly will she do? Well, no one knows yet.

In her Tweet, Schumer references Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson, the two women who were killed during the shooting. Clements had originally misspelled Mayci as “Marci” in her open letter.

Whatever Amy chooses to do in response to the tragic movie theater shooting, it may involve partnering with an existing gun-control advocacy organization. Other comedians like Kristen Schaal and Sarah Silverman — as mentioned in Ms. Clements’ letter – -have previously joined the gun-control movement.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne / Getty Images]