Sinbad Calls Patton Oswalt ‘Liar!’ Regarding Cosby Comments

The comedian and actor known as Sinbad attacked comedian Patton Oswalt on Thursday for comments the Ratatouille and King of Queens star made about the ongoing Bill Cosby scandal.

Sinbad appeared on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast on Thursday and the conversation turned to Bill Cosby. According to Sinbad, Bill Cosby was instrumental in Sinbad’s stardom when the legendary comedian gave him a recurring role on the Cosby spinoff show, A Different World.

Speaking about Cosby on WTF, Sinbad said that he couldn’t “turn on him.” Despite the allegations that Bill Cosby has drugged and raped several women, Sinbad said that he couldn’t forget the “right” that Bill Cosby had done.

“You know, when you know somebody, and not just know somebody, but know all the stuff he did – colleges, giving 20 million dollars to colleges, and all the things he did… dude, I can’t negate that. I can’t. What he did for me. I can’t. I can’t negate that.”

Marc Maron and Sinbad then briefly discussed the genius of Bill Cosby’s comedy before Sinbad suddenly turned his comments towards Patton Oswalt.

Early this year, Patton Oswalt said that everyone seemed so surprised when allegations arose regarding Bill Cosby drugging and raping women, yet comedians in general, were not. Oswalt suggested that all comedians knew what was happening with Cosby behind the scenes. Sinbad took extreme issue with that statement.

“All these young comics… Patton Oswalt said something once. He said that we all knew it. Liar! I’m just saying he’s a liar. That it was a joke among comics. Bull. Bu—–t, man. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. He’s talking about, ‘Well, we knew it.’ You [Patton Oswalt] didn’t even hang with Bill, man. Shut up.”

Sinbad continued, saying that he would always have Bill Cosby’s back, no matter what.

“My mentor. This was the cat that put me on A Different World. This is the guy I got to hang out with, and talk with. He’s still my guy, man.”

Maron asked Sinbad how he is coming to terms with what Bill Cosby allegedly did in his mind.

“You know the part that got me? How quickly people turned on him. Before they knew anything. It was like they wanted it to be true… I haven’t framed it yet. I’ll never turn my back on him. Never. I won’t. I know what it is, it’s wrong. But I won’t. Because I saw so much ‘right’… It’s like, does his legacy mean nothing? Does everything he did positive, the TV shows, A Different World, does that all mean nothing now? It’s like O.J. And that’s the part that makes me cry inside.”

Prolific Tweeter Patton Oswalt is currently on a self-imposed Twitter hiatus until September 8th, so we’ll have to wait and see if he sticks his head up to respond to what Sinbad has said about Bill Cosby.

Photos by Ethan Miller, Jesse Grant and Brad Barket/Getty Images