Willie Trump: Willie Nelson Recreates Donald Trump's Infamous Hairdo [Photo]

Chanel Adams

Willie Nelson is usually known for his trademark braided pigtails, but the country singer wanted to try out a different hairstyle. The fellow redhead was photographed recreating Donald Trump's signature hairdo.

Willie Nelson took to his blog to recreate the presidential hopeful's infamous hairdo by piling his hair onto of his head. Nelson, 82, referred to himself as "Dr. Booger" in his blog post. Some thought that Nelson was poking fun at Trump's glorious hairstyle, which the businessman has had for several years.

"Our own Dr. Booger Nelson has been approached by one of the many candidates running for President of the United States and asked if he would consider a position in the unnamed candidate's administration to serve as the nation's first openly high Surgeon General."

"For a brief moment he considered the honor, but in the end he discovered there would be no way to keep up the strict hair requirements. Thanks but no thanks."

"For a brief moment he considered the honor, but in the end he discovered there would be no way to keep up the strict hair requirements. Thanks but no thanks."

Willie's blog post also includes another photo where he gives the camera a smile and the middle finger, in true Willie Nelson style. You can check out the photo for yourself here.

Donald Trump and Willie Nelson are only similar in which they have signature hairdos that have been replicated -- and mocked -- numerous times. Both of the celebrity figures have also filed for bankruptcy. Although Trump previously supported the decriminalization of drugs in the 90s, he has changed his stance and says he supports the marijuana business.

As for Willie, some would find his religious and political beliefs confusing. He was raised by the Abbott Methodist Church, although he's very spiritual and has dabbled with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. In interviews, Willie has said that his relationship with Christianity and Jesus is flexible, especially since Christian-themed music hypocritical. Willie just lives in his own wonderful world where no one gets judged.

Nelson is a staunch environmentalist who lives on a Hawaiian compound that gets its energy from solar panels. Meanwhile, his tour buses are powered with biodiesel. Nelson even launched BioWillie Fuel as an alternative to traditional fuel.

It's no surprise that Willie also supports the legalization of marijuana. He's open about his marijuana use and currently sits on the board of directors of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

During his recent interview with a Texas news station, Nelson said that he believes marijuana will be legalized in all 50 states in less than a decade.

"I never thought I'd see the day pot would be legal anywhere in the United States. The bottom line is money, and once those old guys see how much money is being made in Colorado and Washington -- all the places that it is legal -- they'll say, 'Hey, wait a minute. We may want to think about it."

"It'll generate talk, which is more important than money," Nelson added.

[Image: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]