Johnny Manziel Struggles On First Day With Browns, Titans’ Marcus Mariota ‘Sharp’ And Poised

Johnny Manziel didn’t exactly get off to a dream start on his first day at Cleveland Browns training camp. According to ABC News, the first four dropbacks left something to be desired.

“The results of the second-year quarterback’s first four dropbacks went like this: sack, sack, pass nearly intercepted, pass batted down at the line.”

“The Browns’ practice was like an extension of their minicamp, without pads and with limited contact. (Plays were stopped and considered sacks when the defender was near the quarterback.) But Manziel and the other QBs could drop back, read and throw.”

Although Browns coach Mike Pettine was slow to criticize Johnny Manziel, he did note that the young player wasn’t too confident. Manziel was said to have walked with his head down, visibly upset with the way things were going. The good news for Johnny Manziel is that there is a slim chance he could start this season. Even better, this decision is not made based off of a lackluster first day at camp.

There’s time for Manziel to get his head right and take charge. However, it’s important to note that competition for that starting position is fierce. Manziel worked with backup players, but Browns QB Josh McCown worked “exclusively” with the starters during the first day. Perhaps Pettine is merely being diplomatic?

We shall see.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mariota seems to have had the start to camp that he wanted. Mariota allayed fears pretty quickly about whether he could make himself heard. At one point the rookie quarterback was so loud, he reportedly caused a defensive lineman to go offside!

Titans tight end Delanie Walker was full of praise for Marcus.

“You could tell he was training this offseason, really in the playbook. He called the huddle with poise, said the plays like he knew them, ran the offense very well. That’s exciting to see when you’ve got a young quarterback coming in and ready to go.”

It’s the sort of beginning that would have suited Johnny Manziel last year, had he spent more time studying and less time in Vegas. Manziel might have turned over a new leaf, but first impressions are lasting ones. A second impression where Manziel fails to impress early may signal the end of the “Johnny Football” era for good.

Which young quarterback will most likely impress this season: Johnny Manziel or Marcus Mariota? Share your thoughts below!

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