‘How To Get Away With Murder’: When Who Killed Rebecca Will Be Revealed, Plus Season 2 Casting News

How to Get Away With Murder quickly established itself as one of those must-see, must-discuss, must-tweet TV shows, and that didn’t change with how the first season ended. Instead, fans were left wondering about another murder, after (finally) finding out the identity of Lila’s killer, but fortunately, there are now spoilers out teasing when viewers will find out who killed Rebecca. Plus, there are at least a couple of new characters coming in for season 2.

HTGAWM Season 1 was spent trying to figure out who killed Lila and putting together the pieces to figure out what happened the night Sam was killed, a night covered up by many. Wes was the one who ultimately killed Sam, while it was revealed that Frank killed Lila. So where did the show go from there? It introduced another murder mystery.

As the Season 1 finale was winding down, Frank and Annalise found another dead body – this time, Rebecca’s – and so began the guessing as to who killed her. Both Frank and Annalise claimed they were not responsible (but who knows if they were telling the truth). You can relive some of the craziness in the quick promo that ABC released after the finale aired. That promo was also how fans found out officially that there would be a second season since no announcement had been made yet at that point.

ABC has also released a fun mash-up between HTGAWM and Fresh Off the Boat as part of the network’s Mash-Up Minutes.

Now, here’s some really good news for the second season: you won’t have to wait too long to find out the identity of Rebecca’s killer. According to Entertainment Weekly, that will be revealed in the premiere.

In other HTGAWM Season 2 news, Deadline has reported that Kendrick Sampson will have “a substantive recurring role” and will first appear in the premiere, but there are no details about his character as of yet.

TVLine has revealed that Famke Janssen will too be recurring in the new season, and while nothing official has been revealed, her character is rumored to be “a brilliant, revered defense attorney who takes her job very seriously.”

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 premieres Thursday, September 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC, after the season premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal as part of TGIT.

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