Meek Mill’s Wikipedia Profile Gets Worst Possible Overhaul [Photo]

Meek Mill’s Wiki page took a serious diss after he dropped “Wanna Know,” the widely-disappointing response to Drake’s “Back to Back” diss. The shade real.

As you know, Meek has been on the bad end of his own joke since Drizzy dropped the second installment of his response days ago. However, instead of redeeming himself, Mill’s comeback song dug himself much deeper. After fans and non-fans heard it, they were abhorred and pretty much offended. It was so bad that even Philly didn’t have his back.

Meek Mill's Wikipedia Profile Gets Worst-Possible Overhaul - Philly Twitter
Credits: Twitter

Now, whether the page was hacked or not is up for debate. However, it was from the official Twitter page. Yet, even after allegedly being disowned by his city, Meek Mill encountered several more memes throughout the night. But some hacker took the shade to an entirely new level.

His Wikipedia page turned about-face. While it’s been restored to its original, correct content, his name had changed to reflect an alias and marriage name, degradingly.

Meek Mill's Wikipedia Profile Gets Worst-Possible Overhaul - Wikipedia Page Hack Censored
Credits: Wikipedia

“Robert Rahmeek ‘Bodied By A Singing N***a’ Minaj-Williams.” Ouch. They even added a death date and place of death. If you visit the page, you’ll see that administration has deleted the faulty information. However, this was the state of affairs last night. Unfortunately, majority vote says that Meek Mill dissed himself.

A lot of Twitter users were saying, “if only he would stop yelling…”. But as is known, that’s been Meek’s rap style since he started. He gets hype, and it just come out like that.

Although the “freestyle” flow isn’t a freestyle by definition — obviously, since his camp knew the words — the video is a clear example that Meek Mill has been Milly from the start.

Nevertheless, similar to the days when he kept the public in-wait for his drop, Meek has disappeared from Twitter again. While he didn’t update his profile about the diss track, he did update his Instagram account. However, there was a little controversy over his post. Mill got into a comment-altercation with Hot 97’s radio personality, TT Torrez. In a previous Inquisitr article, it discussed that issue.

Do you think Meek is going to drop a second diss track to attempt to redeem himself? Will Drake drop another to finish him off? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Wikipedia/Twitter]