Brian May: Marine Records Video As He Catches Wife Cheating, Then Turns To The Internet For Help

Brian May knew something was wrong when he came home to find another car in his driveway, so the Marine decided to film video as he walked into the home and saw what he suspected — his wife naked and with another man.

Now the U.S. Marine is taking his divorce fight to the internet, sharing the video and the sad story while also raising thousands of dollars to help in the ordeal.

The 25-year-old May described how he completed his five years in the military back in January, while his wife, also a Marine, still had three years to go. Brian wasn’t able to find work in Hawaii and couldn’t enroll in college, so he moved to Florida where he was able to attend community college and work part time.

May admits that his marriage was having difficulty, and during that time his wife said she was filing for divorce. He decided to return to Hawaii to fight for his marriage and for his 3-year-old daughter, but when he arrived found that his wife was already with another man.

“I flew in and took a taxi to my house. First thing I notice is that there is an unfamiliar vehicle in my driveway and none of my vehicles are there. I go inside and start recording and immediately notice my 3 year old daughter down stairs, alone, watching a show on the computer. I go upstairs and into my on suite bathroom and find a man leaning over kissing my wife who is naked and drunk on the toilet. I escort him out, being very careful not to be violent toward him and he literally runs away!”

His wife reportedly then attacked, trying to destroy the video, but May was able to fight her off and eventually shared the footage on the internet.

Brian May then went to his wife’s commanding officer — adultery is against the uniform code of military justice — but they declined to pursue it, saying that the two were separated.

But now the Marine’s video of his wife cheating has gone viral, and plenty of people are lining up to help. May started a GoFundMe page to help pay for legal fees related to the divorce. His wife filed in New York, which May said will make it very costly and difficult for him.

But he has already raised more than $11,000 in a little more than three days, and his story is spreading even further. His video has thousands of hits on LiveLeak and was one of the top posts on Reddit.

Video of Marine Brian May catching his wife cheating can be seen here, but be warned that there is adult language and some censored nudity.

[Image via GoFundMe]