Meek Mill Started New Instagram Beef With Hot 97’s Radio Personality TT Torrez

Meek Mill is on one — pun intended. Though he responded to Drake’s diss, he seems to have found more beef via another platform: Instagram. And this time it’s with TT Torrez, a radio personality for Hot 97.

If you’ve been keeping up with Meek Mill’s consensus-agreed nonsense, you know he’s been talking a lot of noise via social media — predominantly on Twitter. Everyone had been awaiting Mill’s diss release, and he made an announcement about it on his profile.

Well, Torrez basically threw shade at the rapper for taking so long. And that’s when Meek’s rant began. Mill is quoted as follows.

“What you got something against me? I only know you from radio. I can’t understand why you praying on my downfall lol smh…Everything I see coming from ya way is negative! I ain’t know program directors supposed to be in the middle of some rap sh*t…It’s a shame how the energy of hate works! Ain’t you from Philly or something? I really wanna know what is this…I know this not ya real page!

“This ain’t professional as a program director! What you getting paid to do this??? I den seen it all lol…you controlling radio basically being biased! How did we even get here this the funny sh*t that be going on behind closed doors lol…”

Then, Meek Mill started responding to someone else who commented.

“@balleralert this is the most funniest sh*t I ever seen lol. She going in harder than people at OVO lol. She said sb dis hot! These are the people getting put into position that can be part of your success or failure lol and she right next door to Philly! Doing this messy a** sh*t.”

Then, Mill turned back directly at TT Torrez.

“I heard you f***ing Nicki ex but leave that off the job please…Now I see why you coming for me…U can come at me…but I can tell it’s personal with Nicki. Nobody ain’t even paying you no attention! Hot 97 been showing nothing but love. You can’t just reverse that because you f***ing her ex.”

And of course, several people were weighing in on the matter. Many were saying that Meek was being a “b*tch” for even trying to start something with her like that. One commenter, OgPrettiiBoiiag posted as follows.

“Trigger fingers turning into Insta fingers…I thought you was my n***a…I still love u n Nicki together tho.”

Another commenter, OVO VegasGyrl, stated that he’s looking mad respect.

“Dude u started some bs for no reason! Drake responded not once but twice!!!!!!!! If u gonna come for someone be PREPARED AND READY! Drake was #TTG. Meek sit down and take some notes. U are losing mad respect from your fans! #formerfan”

What do you think about Meek Mill? Should he have just kept quiet, or was he right for confronting TT Torrez’s shade? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Instagram]