What Kate Moss Said To Cara Delevingne Will Shock You

The world already knows 41-year-old Kate Moss is one of today’s most highly-coveted supermodels, meaning newbies to the modeling industry should avoid making her mad. One up-and-comer, Cara Delevingne, 22, managed to irk Kate beyond belief, and, as a result, Kate Moss has totally turned her back on the young model. Just recently, the pair starred alongside each other in a breathtaking photo shoot for Burberry. Unfortunately, it looks like Kate Moss and Cara will probably avoid co-starring in the near future.

Per reports released by The Sun, Kate Moss has officially blacklisted the model she helped introduce into the modeling industry. In fact, Kate wasn’t enthralled by Cara’s run-in with Naomi Campbell and felt the model was deserving of Cara’s respect, but apparently didn’t get it. We’ve learned that Kate isn’t pleased with Cara because of her chiding of Storm. Because Kate Moss had pledged her allegiance to Storm throughout her career, she assumed Cara should’ve, too. But it didn’t play out like that.

Kate has decided to ban Cara at this time, according to the Daily Beast. It’s very saddening to hear this news and hopefully this squabble doesn’t last long, however it’s evident they’re not huge fans of each other right now. Kate Moss is definitely not one to hold grudges, so it should be over quick.

This purported argument between Naomi and Cara supposedly took place at an epic Paris Fashion Week soiree on March 8, and it alleges that Naomi has talked smack about Rhianna. Two days later, however, Naomi took her fight to Twitter in this fierce tweet: “Don’t know where this story has come from about @Caradelevingne and I fighting! It is completely untrue, ignore the rumours.” Even MTV UK has taken an interesting stance on the feud, citing that they should simply hug it out.

Should the rumors prove true and the two models had a falling out, many will be quite pleased. Although it would also be weird, considering the pair had nothing but good things to say about each other during their Burberry shoot. Amidst all the tabloid nonsense, Kate Moss continues to work with Storm and finds time to pose for magazines, even taking some free time for herself.

Unbeknownst to many tabloids and devout readers, Moss and Delevingne share quite a bit together in terms of coming of age. Sarah Doukas, who founded Storm Model Management, discovered the two teenagers, albeit at separate times in their lives. Kate Moss is also been linked to other run-ins, such as one incident she called someone a b**ch.

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