Sean Lowe Gets Bad Rap After ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’, Catherine Lowe Clears The Air About Their Marriage

The most recent episode of Celebrity Wife Swap had Sean Lowe at a loss for words.

What was supposed to be a fun, get-to-know episode of one of the most happily married couples in the history of The Bachelor has now given the impression that the blond husband of Catherine is a tyrant. Mrs. Lowe is now speaking out on the episode that has everyone wondering if their marriage of 18-months is now headed for divorce court.

Catherine, along with Jason Mesnick, stopped by the studios of KISS FM in Seattle to chat about what went down during the taping of the show and the whisperings afterward. Jason and Molly Mesnick were the other couple that got to swap spouses during this whole process. Everyone but Sean was there clearing up all of the bad talk about the show. Molly Mesnick is also a co-host of the morning radio show at KISS FM, so she was there, as well.

Catherine and Molly both said that the producers edited quite a bit from the show. With things left out of Celebrity Wife Swap, viewers never got the whole picture, and Sean was seen as a husband who wanted his wife to do all of his bidding.

Molly went to Dallas to stay with Sean, and Catherine headed to Seattle, where Jason and Molly live with their two adorable kids. Fans of Bachelor Nation were looking forward to seeing this special episode, but after seeing Sean in this new light, things took a turn for the worse, and his squeaky clean image got a bit tarnished in the process. The show made it look like he expected his wife to stay home and keep a spotless house while doing all of his chores on that now-famous to-do list. The Inquisitr previously reported that Sean Lowe felt like he was failing as a husband to his beautiful wife.

Catherine said in the interview that she would slap him if he ever gave her a daily to-do list. She also mentioned that they edited out the part where she went with him to that football game and actually played with them, scoring their first touchdown. She never just stayed home to cook and clean. Mrs. Lowe said that she understood that they have to edit a week’s worth of filming into just one hour. However, they did it in a way to make Sean look like a bad husband, and that their marriage was in trouble.

Molly even chimed in and said that Sean is a good guy. She shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the taping of the show, along with other things that were edited out. She also sent proof that Sean does help with the chores around the house. The mother-of-two noted that the former bachelor was adamant about making sure the house was clean before Catherine got home from Seattle.

Even though Catherine really did write in that letter to Molly that she felt a bit trapped living in Dallas, with not venturing out to any new places since she moved there, she said that her husband has been trying to fix that and take her to new places around the area. She said one of the best things about Sean is that he is a good listener. He has since treated his lovely wife to a helicopter ride over Dallas to get a different perspective of the city that they call home to help celebrate their 18-month anniversary.

It sounds like everything is just fine in the Lowe household. They may not have a perfect marriage, but who does? Sean had sent out a helpful reminder about reality TV before fans got to see this episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

“Wife Swap is about to start on the east coast. Just remember, it’s TV. Let the ridiculousness begin.”

Just like on The Bachelor, many scenes get edited out for entertainment purposes and, according to Catherine, Molly, and Jason, that is what happened this time, as well. So, all seems to be well with Catherine and Sean Lowe.

[Photo by Roberto Gonzalez / Getty Images]