Vicki Gunvalson Goes On The Attack After Rumors Of Failing Businesses

Vicki Gunvalson is a proud business woman. Vicki has shared many business ventures on The Real Housewives of Orange County and she was always labeled by the other housewives, because she was working so much. In the end, Gunvalson had the last laugh because she was the one with money in the bank when the economy took a turn. While many other housewives had to struggle with foreclosures and divorces over money issues, Vicki continued to work hard and made her own money.

So, when a story surfaced this week about Vicki Gunvalson and some failing business ventures, she decided to take it upon herself to set the record straight. And Vicki used the best possible platform for it; Twitter.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she feels thrown under the bus for not commenting on a story regarding her business ventures. If there is one thing that people don’t really question, it’s Vicki’s business ventures. But it also seems unfair that Gunvalson has to prove her success to get some positive press.

“The “failed business” was Wines by Wives and Vicki’s Vodka which was both due to business partnerships that were not successful,” Vicki Gunvalson tweeted after a story came out that hinted she was in financial troubles and that some of business ventures were failing.

Of course, Vicki Gunvalson has put her name to several business ventures over the years, and some flopped due to bad partnerships. But that doesn’t mean Gunvalson is struggling financially due to bad business decisions. And Vicki decided to share what had been happening behind the scenes.

“Time to set the record straight. Fact #1 Wines By Wives was never owned by me or Tamra, we only endorsed it. #2 Vicki¹s Vodka never launched as has been closed for 2 years. #3 I own one of the top Insurance & Retirement Planning Services agencies in CA. #Winning #Next,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed, adding later to a follower, “He’s trying to make a living off of a blog that does not tell the truth. #NotRight #Karma.”

Gunvalson points to Vicki’s Vodka, which was caught up in some legal issues. But it was settled earlier this year. According to the Inquisitr, Vicki Gunvalson knows how to handle money and she has passed it down to her children, as Briana is working as a nurse and her son is selling insurance.

Do you think it is fair for Vicki Gunvalson to be called out simply because she didn’t comment on a story?

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