‘Bachelorette’ Stars Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn Booth Talk Marriage And Kids: What’s The Plan?

Viewers watched Monday night as Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged to Shawn Booth during ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 finale. Now that Kaitlyn and Shawn can be public about their relationship they’re doing the typical media tour and naturally they’re asked about their plans for the future. What do Bristowe and Booth say about marriage and babies?

Shawn Booth told People that right now they’re just excited to enjoy the moment. As many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples detail, Kaitlyn and Shawn say that they’re most anxious to just hang out like any normal couple would and they’re making plans to visit one another’s families and home towns.

Kaitlyn adds that they can’t wait to get married, though they’re not rushing into planning it right this minute. When it comes to their vision for the big day, it seems that Bristowe and Booth are relatively on the same page. Neither one envisions a big, fancy wedding apparently. Kaitlyn mentions a destination wedding or perhaps getting married in Vancouver while Shawn talks about a Vegas chapel plan.

While Kaitlyn and Shawn aren’t necessarily in a rush to get married, it seems that they are already talking about Bachelorette babies. Bristowe says she’s got baby fever and she wants to ultimately have four kids. That apparently isn’t scaring Booth off one bit, as he seems to want five kids.

The Bachelorette lovebirds haven’t made any solid plans in terms of future living arrangements, though they do seem to have some ideas already. During a press call, Us Weekly notes, Kaitlyn said that they love the idea of eventually living together in Nashville, where Shawn is now based, but having a summer home in Canada where Kaitlyn is from.

Though Kaitlyn and Shawn did meet some of one another’s loved ones during the Bachelorette filming, Bristowe has yet to meet Booth’s mom. They say that they’re hoping to do that soon, within the next month or so. Kaitlyn’s family seemingly loves Shawn and the two say that they are looking forward to a long future together.

Would Kaitlyn and Shawn get married on television as some previous Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have done? They say they’re open to it, but it seems that it would need to be done in a way that fits their vision. While ABC chose not to televise Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried’s wedding, fans will get to see Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul tie the knot in Sunday’s Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

Will Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth go the distance and end up walking down the aisle? There are already rumors circulating that this Bachelorette couple isn’t all that solid, but fans will have to stay tuned and see how things go moving forward.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]