‘Stitchers’ Spoilers: Who’s In Trouble In The Summer Finale, Plus Season 2 News

ABC Family’s newest series, Stitchers, is ending its first season summer run next week, and it looks like one of the team’s own is going to be in trouble. Is Kirsten’s vision from the last episode going to come true? Plus, there is already news out about season 2.

While, as the Inquisitr previously reported, ABC Family has decided not to pick up Melissa & Joey for another season, the same is not true of another one of its shows. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stitchers season 2 is a go – and Damon Dayoub, who has recurred as LAPD Detective Quincy Fisher throughout season 1, will be a series regular. Fisher initially started off as someone who did not know anything about the Stitchers program, but after he ran into Kirsten a couple of times, she told him the truth and he was since enlisted to help out the tam. Dayoub was supposed to star in the newest Shondaland ABC drama, The Catch, but after the pilot, his role was recast. (Peter Krause will now start, along with Sonya Walger, who is replacing Bethany Joy Lenz.)

But before anything can really be known about Stitchers season, the summer finale needs to air. In the last episode, Kirsten stitched into the memories of a psychic, and not only did it help solve a case – and stop a fire – but she also saw Cameron lying on a table in the lab, seemingly dead. Is that going to happen in the finale?

According to TVLine, Cameron and Fisher are going to be “targeted in a shooting,” which does not bode well for that vision coming true.

Furthermore, the promo that ABC Family has released for Stitchers episode 10, shows Cameron in trouble. Why is Kirsten going to see her mother? What’s going to happen to Cameron?

The network has also released three sneak peeks from this Stitchers episode. In the first, Cameron tells Kirsten that Maggie wanted him to find out what she saw in the stitch, but he told her he wouldn’t. According to Kirsten, the murderer sent her a private message through the stitch.

In the second clip, Kirsten shows Cameron a book that Ed left her in a safety deposit box that she opened with the key hidden in her mother’s tomb. She thinks she can find out what Ed was protecting her from in the book, but she didn’t find anything hidden or written inside. It’s a good thing she brought it to Cameron because he sees that the gap between the hard cover and binding is too big.

In the third Stitchers episode 10 sneak peek, Cameron and Camille discuss stitching and Kirsten’s gift for it. But there’s more to it than that. According to Cameron, the digital handshake between Kirsten and the stitch system is perfect. If they can figure out why, they’d be able to expand the program.

Stitchers season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

[Image via ABC Family]