Donald Trump: Spat With Elizabeth Beck Over Breast Pump Incident Not Hurting Trump’s Presidential Odds

Donald Trump is ratcheting up his attack against Elizabeth Beck, the lawyer who said Trump called her “disgusting” when she took a break during a deposition to breast pump.

The spat has been making headlines this week, but so far it seems to be doing little to slow Trump’s unlikely presidential momentum.

Trump began his attack against Beck on Wednesday, the day she appeared on cable television to talk about the presidential candidate. Trump blasted her on social media, saying on Twitter that losing to him in a lawsuit does not constitute being an expert on him.

Beck had claimed that she interrupted a 2011 deposition with Trump when she needed to use her breast pump. She said this set Trump off into a rage, in which he called her “disgusting.”

“He completely lost it,” she said, via ABC News. “And he left, ran out of there and the lawyers were just standing there with their mouths hanging open. He didn’t return.”

Trump doesn’t dispute his choice of words, telling CNN, “She wanted to breast pump in front of me and I may have said that’s disgusting, I may have said something else. I thought it was terrible.”

But Trump is disputing Beck’s account of events. His lawyer, Alan Garten, claims that Beck acted unprofessionally during the course of the deposition.

From ABC News:

“Trump’s attorney Alan Garten — who was in the room during the incident — spoke to ABC News and vigorously denied the situation happened the way Beck described, saying, ‘she is completely distorting the facts. Her telling of the story is absolutely absurd. She should be ashamed of herself and she should be ashamed of her behavior.’

“Garten continued, saying it ‘has nothing to do with breastfeeding, this is only about one thing, acting professionally in a legal proceeding.’ He also said, like Trump, he did think she would pump in front of them.

“‘That would not shock me,’ he said. ‘It was certainly bizarre behavior and that is consistent with her behavior throughout the case.’”

Beck claimed that her incident with Donald Trump speaks volumes about his potential run for president. In her interview on Wednesday, she noted, “If something so innocuous makes this man scream and run out, what else is going to make this man scream and run out? What other weird weaknesses does he have?”

But the incident with Elizabeth Beck may not be doing too much to hurt Donald Trump. The real estate mogul is leading early GOP presidential polls, opening up a 7-point lead over his next closest competitor, Jeb Bush.

[Photo by Christopher Gregory / Getty Images]