Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera Is Out Of This World

Nokia has just unveiled its latest innovation, the Nokia OZO VR Camera. And it truly looks like something from either another dimension or a future era.

As people began to lose hope in Nokia’s ability to stay abreast of the market after Microsoft decided to practically write off all of its purchase of Nokia’s phone business, the Finnish tech company raised the curtains and revealed a futuristic-looking virtual reality (VR) recording device.

The Nokia OZO VR camera is a spherical shaped camera like none you may have ever seen. According to Fox News, the Nokia OZO VR camera’s ball-like structure will have eight sensors and built-in microphones to allow it to capture 3D virtual reality effects. Just from the released photos of this futuristic sphere, you can see the small cameras spotted all around it that help it capture the virtual reality experience its owner wants.

Speaking of ownership, don’t get your hopes raised up too high thinking you’ll be purchasing this anytime soon – it’s really for professionals and big businesses and not the average consumer.

The Verge says the Nokia OZO VR camera targets producers in Hollywood and media and advertising companies. And if that’s not enough to dissuade you from keeping your hopes high in buying one once it’s released, its price-tag is expected to be in the five-digit range.

The Nokia OZO VR camera is expected to help Hollywood and media and advertising companies cut production time by allowing for quicker video rendering. According to Road to VR, producers will no longer have to labor over videos for hours to stitch the different virtual reality video pieces together as the Nokia OZO VR camera’s software handles that matter for them.

The OZO VR camera can also be used wirelessly once it’s equipped with an internal SSD and a battery. It can also be controlled remotely by using its Wi-Fi functionality.

Nokia has not yet revealed details on the specs or exact price for the OZO camera, but says it will do so “at a future date,” according to a statement it issued on its website. It also expects to begin shipping OZO starting in Q4 of this year.

The Nokia OZO VR camera was “conceived” and will be “manufactured in Finland,” the tech company’s home country.

You can find out more information on the Nokia OZO VR camera at its new website and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]