Theo Rossi: ‘No One Could Have Prepared Us For The Overwhelming Joy’

Theo Rossi shirtless would be enough of a reason for many to want to check in with the former Sons of Anarchy actor‘s recent pictures on Instagram.

But the bare-chested Theo Rossi was hardly the focal point in the latest photos, as pictured alongside Theo is his six-week-old son, Kane.

Kane Alexander Rossi is Theo Rossi and wife Meghan McDermott’s first child. As the Daily Mail reported, the newest Rossi was welcomed into the world on June 8, weighing in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces just four days after his due date.

The 40-year-old Sons of Anarchy alum was gushing to Us Magazine after Kane was born.

“My son Kane is healthy and my wife is a trooper and doing great. No one could have prepared us for the overwhelming joy we would feel when meeting our son. What a beautiful day to welcome our little king into the world.”

Even wearing a shirt, Rossi’s love for the family’s newest addition is apparent. Claiming his greatest role was yet to play out, Theo took to Instagram to celebrate Father’s Day with his fellow dads.

The best role I've ever had? DAD. Celebrate new dads this Father’s Day with me & @DoveMenCare. #RealStrength

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Speaking of upcoming roles, Theo Rossi has two upcoming movies soon to be released, much to the delight of his fans and Sons of Anarchy fans in general. After wrapping up his role as Juice on the wildly popular FX drama in 2014, Theo Rossi is set to play in When the Bough Breaks. The movie – with a 2016 release date – is about a surrogate mother who secretly wants to create a family of her own with the offspring she’s carrying.

His other upcoming role is in the drama Low Riders. This movie takes a look at the re-emerging culture of the same name in southern California. As IMDB reports, joining Theo Rossi in the movie will be long-time leading lady Eva Longori (of Desperate Housewives fame) and Melissa Benoist (best known for her role in Glee).

His child isn’t the only subject Theo Rossi looks fondly at as a crowning achievement. As a cast member for all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Theo Rossi believes the show was must-see TV for all of the shows followers in an era where streaming TV is king, as Nerd Core Movement reported.

“I believe that we are one of the last appointment television TV shows that will ever be on. It’s very hard to make a TV show now that people have to wait every week for, and we were one of them. They want all 13 or all 20 and they want them right now. They’re not going to wait every week. I think we were one of the last to have that.”

[Photo: Theo Rossi Instagram]