Terrence Howard: ‘Empire’ Star Sued By Ex-Wife For Assault And Defamation

Terrence Howard’s TV show Empire is known to have a lot of drama, but now, the drama is following him in real life. According to reports from different news outlets, Terrence is being sued by his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, for defamation, emotional distress, and assault.

Ghent alleges that Howard assaulted her when they were on a trip in Costa Rica. This debacle is just one of many since the couple divorced in 2013. But that’s not all. There was trouble even before that, as Ghent filed two restraining orders against Terrence Howard during their short marriage.

According to the lawsuit, Michelle says that Terrence grabbed her by the neck when they were arguing. He then pushed her against a wall and started to strangle her, even going as far as threatening to kill her. Afterwards, Howard allegedly kicked her.

On the other hand, as TMZ reports, Terrence Howard says that Ghent used pepper spray on him during the altercation.

However, Ghent had an answer to Terrence’s claim that she used pepper spray on him. She says that she only did that because Terrence was walking to a table where he kept a knife.

Michelle Ghent filed the lawsuit against Howard one day before the statute of limitations was up.

attends the the "The Ledge" Cocktail Party At Bing Bar on January 21, 2011 in Park City, Utah.
Actor Terrence Howard (L) and wife Michelle Ghent attend the “The Ledge” Cocktail Party At Bing Bar on January 21, 2011 in Park City, Utah.

This is not the first time that Michelle claimed Terrence physically hurt her. Back in 2013, as the Daily Mail reports, Ghent also said that Howard sucker punched her. She claims he got angry with her when she asked Terrence, in the midst of their divorce, if they could try to fix their relationship.

In May, as they were battling spousal support, Terrence reportedly claimed that Ghent threatened to expose pictures of his genitals to get the amount of spousal support that she wants. Howard’s lawyer, Brian Kramer, reportedly submitted legal documents that contained evidence of the claim – secret recordings of Michelle’s threat.

The back-and-forth allegations between Michelle and Terrence Howard seem to never end. At a press conference in January, Howard spoke of the past.

“I have grown so much from anything that happened in the past. Jesus was nailed to the cross on allegations he was blasphemous. We slayed our messiah under false allegations. We’ve got to give people a chance to show who they are.”

Terrence Howard is now happily married to Mira Pak, his third wife, and they share one child together, son Qirin Love.

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