Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Kam Chancellor Holdout Has Arrived

Seattle Seahawks rumors about a Kam Chancellor holdout won’t please fans. Most Seahawks rumors during this NFL offseason have revolved around quarterback Russell Wilson and the lack of a new contract in place for him. News about Chancellor now holding out from Seahawks activities doesn’t make the mood any better. A report from the Seattle Times on Wednesday (July 29) states that Chancellor wants more money from the front office.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Wilson was offered a huge contract worth more than $21 million per season, but it appears that he has turned it down. This could mean that following the 2015 NFL season, Wilson would become a free agent. That still leaves time during next offseason for the two sides to come to a new deal, but it also means the Seahawks could place the franchise tag on Wilson. It’s also possible that all that money they offered Wilson got Chancellor feeling that he deserved a pay raise as well.

There had been Seattle Seahawks rumors immediately following the 2014 NFL season that suggested Kam Chancellor would consider holding out if he didn’t receive a new deal. Now it looks like that chatter is about to become a reality, even though he has a lot of money left on his current deal. Heading into the 2013 NFL season, Chancellor signed a five-year contract extension worth $35 million. $17 million of that was guaranteed, working out to an average salary of about $7 million per year.

Now this could all turn out to be a negotiating tactic, and that Chancellor is not actually ready to miss team activities in order to get more money. It could be similar to what Michael Bennett has done in the past, where a player puts out the threat of a holdout, simply to find out if he can get a pay raise. There is an old saying that it “never hurts to ask,” but right now Seahawks fans don’t want to hear about another star player that wants more money.

There appears to be a lot of unhappiness as training camp prepares to open on Friday (Aug. 1). It’s something that the front office in Seattle has got to get under control, because the list of players wanting more money is getting pretty long. It also includes linebacker Bobby Wagner, who is coming to the end of his rookie contract. On Friday, fans will find out if these Seattle Seahawks rumors are going to play out negatively and whether a Kam Chancellor holdout has begun.

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