What Do The Huxtables Think Of Bill Cosby Now?

More and more allegations and revelations are surfacing after the shocking report that Bill Cosby has been sexually assaulting women for decades. His unapologetic rebuttals and the hypocritical image he carries over the years sealed the downfall of this once beloved comedy legend.

At first, fellow celebrities came to his aid, claiming that the accusers’ goal was to tarnish the name and legacy of Cosby. However, as the image of Cosby as a sexual predator became clearer, their defense grew dimmer.

Whoopi Goldberg was particularly protective of Cosby after rumors started to spread like wildfire. She continually preached the famous line “innocent until proven guilty.”

But as more women—35 and counting—revealed themselves as victims, the Oscar winner changed her course.

“If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion, I got to say all of the information that’s out there kind of points to guilt,” said Goldberg.

Cosby’s on-screen family in The Cosby Show were also individually targeted by the media, asking questions about their patriarch, Cliff Huxtables.

Phylicia Rashad, playing as Cosby’s TV wife, spoke last year about the destruction her former on-screen husband’s legacy. She was even misquoted as saying “Forget those women.” However, she revealed no ill feelings towards Cosby.

The Huxtable children were understandably coy about the subject matter. Only speaking of the Bill Cosby that was their father and mentor, carefully not condemning nor shielding Cosby.

On the other hand, one non-Huxtable star of the sitcom was very outspoken when it came to discussing Cosby’s character. In an essay, Joseph C. Philips, playing Lt. Martin Kendall, showed his love and admiration for his former mentor.

However, after personally speaking to one of Cosby’s victims, the angered Philips’ no longer doubts the vile maltreatment that his former co-star had done to women.

“He had money, fame, and power; he was a walking aphrodisiac. Why? I was also angry at myself for falling for the okey-doke, of putting Bill on a pedestal,” the conservative blogger wrote.

What’s worse is that this man that is slowly being exposed to the public as a man of sick intentions has been the man of values and morals for 30 years.

Cosby’s contracts have been canceled, his former shows were forbidden from running by multiple TV networks, and former stars turned their backs on him.

His role model image not only on-screen but even on set has proven to be his ultimate downfall. These recent events forced Cosby’s image to turn a 180, a transformation that not even his most devoted followers are willing to forgive.

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