Ashley Tisdale, Bronde Beauty Bared, Reveals Redhead Rahs: ‘High School Musical’ Alum’s Haute Mess [Video]

Ashley Tisdale has gone “bronde.” Just like Blake Lively, Ashley has abandoned the beauty of blonde or brunette and dared to run to the redhead world. Tisdale described her new strawberry blonde look as bronde, reported E! News.

“I’ve never been this color before, @kristin_ess made me a ‘strawberry bronde’!” posted Ashley, famed for her starring role in High School Musical.

Who is Kristin Ess? She’s the hair coloring queen, specializing in those tricky shades like “bronde.”

And Tisdale’s timing was perfect, because she’s very into a new show on Clipped, which gives Ashley the chance to snip and snark in a barbershop.

In addition, Tisdale dropped a hint in her Instagram post about The Haute Mess, which is set to open soon to expand Ashley’s entrepreneurial vision for her future and offer something unique.

As for Ashley’s new hair color? Tisdale is just one of the celebrities proving that bronde is the new blonde, reported Glamour.

And if you want to look like Ashley (or at least have Tisdale’s tresses), Siobhan Jones, Color Ambassador at Headmasters, recommends talking with your own hairstylist.

“Ask your stylist for a consultation. Here they can recommend the tones that suit your eye and skin tone while looking at the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde. By incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade they will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face.”

An additional perk: You can look awesome like Ashley without a lot of maintenance, says Jones.

“It’s a low maintenance colour so it’s perfect for anyone who is a little colour shy or not able to get to the salon very often,” added Siobhan.

For Tisdale, saying bye to beach blonde and rah for redhead bronde was invigorating, reported Us Weekly.

Ashley tied the knot with Christopher French in autumn 2014. And Tisdale is making it clear that marriage hasn’t halted her momentum to change her look whenever she likes. The bronde lob follows a blue mood hairstyle.

Others going for that bronde look are Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne.

As the Inquisitr reported, Cara, who is a supermodel and a blossoming actress, recently attacked Vogue magazine for reporting that her bisexuality is a phase.

“My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am,” asserted Cara.

What do you think about Ashley’s new look? Would you go for Tisdale’s bronde hue? Post your views below.

[Image Via Ashley Tisdale/Instagram]