‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Next Evicted ‘BB17’ Houseguest Will Be…

Big Brother 17 spoilers now indicate who is going home next. The BB17 house has become pretty predictable when it comes to the eviction votes, and it looks like Week 5 is going to be no different. These Big Brother 17 spoilers come from the live feeds, where there finally appear to be houseguests figuring out who is in the power alliance. They may have figured it out too late though. A report from fan site Big Brother Network indicates that Jason Roy is about to get evicted on Thursday.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jason ended up on the block after Clay Honeycutt (who won the Veto) took himself off the block. Head of Household Vanessa then went back on her word to several people in the house (Jason Roy, James Huling, Becky Burgess, Jackie Ibarra, and John McGuire) by putting up Jason as her replacement nominee. It has allowed some of the house to see that she really has been siding with Clay, Shelli Poole, Liz Nolan, and Austin Matelson all along.

Moving forward, Vanessa Rousso could be in trouble in the BB17 house, but it won’t affect how the vote turns out in Week 5. As for how the vote is likely to break down based on these new Big Brother 17 spoilers, Austin, Clay, John, Liz, Shelli, and Steve Moses are guaranteed to vote against Jason. James and Meg Maley have promised to support Jason, leaving just Jackie as the only undecided vote. With only nine votes at this eviction ceremony, six is more than enough to see Jason Roy become the fifth person voted out of BB17.

There is still time for Jason to try to flip the house against Becky, but it is almost as though he has resigned to his fate. That could be disappointing to a lot of CBS viewers, especially with how little he actually makes it to the weekly shows. His exit on Thursday also means that Julia Nolan is going to join the BB17 house, making the power alliance even stronger by giving it a sixth member. It will push the number of houseguests back to 12, giving the other side of the house one last chance to win the HOH competition and take away some of that power.

Unless something dramatic shifts in the house over the next 36 hours, Jason Roy is the next BB17 houseguest going home. It will be a shame to see such a professed fan of the show going home without a fight, but that side of the house really dug into a position that’s indefensible. As for what takes place in Week 6, as numerous Big Brother 17 spoilers have indicated, Vanessa Rousso may become a huge target for eviction. That shift might be necessary to save the season from becoming too boring for viewers and live feed subscribers.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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