Jon Snow: Did HBO Just Give Away His Fate By Accident? Internet Theories Claim He Lives

It’s common knowledge that when a character “dies” in Game of Thrones, they aren’t always necessarily dead. They can be resurrected into zombie-like White Walkers, revived through magic, or even reborn as another person (Catelyn Stark being reborn as Lady Stoneheart as one example). Maybe that’s why fans suspected Jon Snow still lives after he was stabbed by brothers of the Night’s Watch during Season 5. The International Business Times dug up some info that might help support the Jon-Snow-is-alive-theory, after all.

“Over the weekend, the network [HBO] announced its ‘Honour The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection,’ in which toys and merchandise from characters that have died on the show became available for a discounted purchase. Conspicuously left off of the list of fallen characters was Jon Snow.”

Perhaps no show has been more theorized about and speculated on than Game of Thrones, and Jon Snow may be the most talked-about character. Theories range from alternate versions of Snow’s parenthood, to whether he will be reborn as a White Walker, and of course whether he’s actually alive and we just don’t know it yet.

Granted, just because actor Kit Harrington (who plays Jon Snow) was spotted on set, doesn’t mean he’s alive in the strictest sense of the word. There’s always a chance Harrington could be coming back to play a zombie version of Jon Snow or appear to a living character in a vision. And then, there’s the secret Targaryen theory which posits that Jon is secretly a Targaryen heir and the third head of the dragon, making him more or less indispensable to the plot (at least as indispensable as you can be in Game of Thrones). Earlier this month, the Inquisitr speculated that the furor surrounding Jon Snow’s being alive could actually affect Game of Thrones’ plot lines. Author George R.R. Martin, who wrote the Song of Ice and Fire novels off which Game of Thrones is based, has said he doesn’t let fan speculation affect his work, however.

While the absence of a Jon Snow figurine from the collection of fallen characters has fans all abuzz, Vanity Fair pointed out that a good deal of characters who died in Season 5 are also missing. Maybe the absence was coincidence, or even oversight? That probably won’t be enough to quiet the internet rumors, but at the very least it gives us something to think about until the next season (or book) comes out.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for Jameson]