Breaking Bad Homes For Sale, Live Like Jesse Pinkman For $1.6 Million

Believed to be the first major Breaking Bad residential property to go on the market since the series ended in 2013, the real-life house where Jesse Pinkman lived has just gone up for sale via Coldwell Banker, and Breaking Bad fanatics can own it for a cool $1.6 million.

Or, if you’re ballin’ like that, the 65,00-square-foot home of characters Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz is listed on the site BreakingBadHouse for $2.65 million. It sits on two acres in a gated North Valley community, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Pinkman's House
Eric Trujillo/Coldwell Banker Legacy

“Meth lab not included,” reads part of Coldwell Banker’s press release about Pinkman’s home, first issued as an exclusive to TODAY. The two-story Spanish Colonial revival house went on the market Tuesday, revealed Susan C. Feil and her daughter Alicia Feil Peterson, associate brokers for Coldwell Banker.

“The owners contacted us because we have a reputation for doing real estate in Albuquerque and marking unique properties,” Alicia told “They thought that this was definitely going to be a unique opportunity that would appeal to a variety of buyers, not just in our market, but globally.”

The 3,500-square-foot house was built by renowned developer Leon Watson in New Mexico’s Albuquerque Country Club neighborhood. It features four bedrooms, two porches, original wood floors, and stone-framed doors, windows, chimneys and fireplaces.

Pinkman's House
Eric Trujillo/Coldwell Banker Legacy

On Breaking Bad, the house was a source non-stop partying and plenty of high-drama. In reality, such is not typical in this part of Albuquerque, according to Alicia. “It’s a really quiet neighborhood.”

The house was originally owned by Jesse’s aunt Ginny, who passed away from lung cancer – after which Jesse’s parents took ownership of it. They allowed Jesse to live in the home, where he used it detain drug rival “Krazy 8” Molina until he was killed by Walter White. The ceiling in the hallway was destroyed when Jesse used hydrofluoric acid to dissolve Molina’s cousin’s (Emilio Koyama’s) corpse in the upstairs bathtub. Pinkman also used the house to temporarily cook meth in the basement.

Jesse’s parents kicked him out of home when they discovered the meth lab, and spent a mint renovating the house. Later, when Jesse learned his parents were selling the house, he hired lawyer Saul Goodman to blackmail them into selling him the house at a reduced price because they failed to disclose the existence of the meth lab to the public.

Pinkman's House
Eric Trujillo/Coldwell Banker Legacy

Breaking Bad highlighted both the interior and exterior of the house throughout the series, but a replica of the interior was built to shoot party scenes and other intense moments. Realtor Alicia’s own house was featured in an episode of Breaking Bad, Season 4, when Ted Beneke fails at attempting to escape from his handlers, Kuby and Huell. Alicia says that home is not for sale, yet.

Breaking Bad is considered a cult classic which has inspired everything from a show-themed bar, to a newly opened coffeeshop in Istanbul (with plans to extend to America), and even a murder attempt using Ricin. A previous Inquisitr article reported on Heisenpurrg, the cat with over 133,000 Instagram followers.

Fans seeking a full Breaking Bad experience should check out the “BaD” trolley tour in Albuquerque, which drives by many of the series’ memorable locations, including Jesse’s house, Walter White’s house, the car wash, and Saul Goodman’s law office.

The Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul returns January 2016. No premiere date has been set.

[Image via Eric Trujillo/Coldwell Banker Legacy/TODAY]

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