Anthony Geary ‘General Hospital’: Actors React As Luke Exits Port Charles, Genie Francis’ Laura Becomes Vixen [Video]

Anthony Geary and General Hospital‘s Luke Spencer are forever tied together in the minds of soap opera lovers. Anthony portrayed Luke, faithfully showing the highs (and tear-jerking lows) of his love for Laura as the two participated in a TV wedding that put The Bachelor‘s final rose ceremony in the shade.

And now, it’s time for Anthony to say his forever farewell. Geary, who won eight Daytime Emmy awards, spent his last 60 minutes (minus commercials) in fictional Port Charles, reported MSN.

Talking with Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, Anthony chatted of General Hospital mainstays such as triumphs (Jake is no longer dead) and torment (Geary’s character has more than a few problems).

“I’m leaving Port Charles, Sonny. For good.”

And in true General Hospital style, they talked of mobsters and memories as Anthony’s character presented Sonny with a magnificent gift of the gangster-killing gun.

Many wanted more from Genie Francis, who played Laura, to be included in Geary’s final moments. However, the General Hospital writers responded in a different way, as Anthony’s scripted daughter, Lulu, said farewell to her father, then presented her mother with a letter supposedly penned by Luke.

“Goodbye, Port Charles. Good luck to you,” said Geary in his final General Hospital scene.

As the Inquisitr reported, Genie Francis had previously left her character of Laura, but she then returned for a final General Hospital arc.

For the actors who worked with Anthony through the years, Geary’s General Hospital departure evoked memories, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Jane Elliot portrayed Anthony’s sweetheart, Tracy Quartermaine.

“[Geary] never phoned a performance in,” said the General Hospital stalwart. “He never gave less than a full commitment, and that set the tone for everyone who worked with him. There’s a rich history that flows between the two of us. There’s a deep trust. That’s the fun of the game.”

For Jonathan Jackson, who began his career playing Anthony’s son on General Hospital, Geary was more than a dad on set. He was a mentor off-set.

“Tony’s friendship and guidance has meant the world to me,” said Jackson of his acting career. “He was always extremely warm and very present, there was nothing condescending in him. He never treated me like a kid. We clicked right away.”

Consequently, Jackson took the opportunity to join in Anthony’s final arc on the show when he learned that Geary planned to leave General Hospital.

“When I found out he was leaving, I knew I had to come back. He was great. Having those last scenes with me were everything I hoped it would be.”

For fans of Laura, do not despair. Genie Francis told the Wrap that her own storyline will continue this summer through autumn.

“I’m very willing to come back to work,” said Genie of her return to General Hospital and the familiar role of Laura. “That’s always made sense to me that if Laura were up and around that she’d be in Port Charles, because that’s where her whole family is.”

And Francis emphasized that Luke’s departure doesn’t mean the end of drama for her character. Instead, it starts off a new focus on Laura and Tracy, with more than a few touches of her inner vixen.

“Tracy’s gotta hate Laura with a fiery passion right now! Don’t you think? She’s gotta just hate her! I think Laura better duck and cover, man. I think Laura should be wearing a flak jacket. Which is great. Because already there’s a relationship there that’s gonna be very, very actable, and very writeable as well.”

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