Michael J. Fox Will Need Big Money To Get Into The DeLorean Again - The Reason Why Might Surprise You

Michael J. Fox fans, brace yourself. Marty McFly is not time-traveling anytime soon.

Michael J. Fox has quashed rumors that he may be returning for a fourth installment of the classic sci-fi franchise, Back To The Future. Speaking at a cast reunion at London's Film and Comic Con, Michael J. Fox joked that it would take an incredible amount of money to convince him to play Marty again, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And contrary to what you may be thinking, Michael J. Fox's return remains unlikely not because he has anything against the franchise, no, but simply because he does not want to be pummeled by the DeLorean again.

"The money it would take to get me back into the DeLorean again is a lot... I wish I had a video, a gag reel of how many times I was hit by that freakin' door, the DeLorean door. Take after take, it would go, whack! It was the worst thing to drive. It had two gears and I slammed the door, and my hand would smash into the flux capacitor. My hand would be bleeding, my head would be bleeding... and I had to clean it off to get to the Family Ties set."
How we wish we too had that video!

Michael J. Fox was speaking at a cast reunion at London's Film Comic-Con to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Back To The Future film. Along with Fox, several other cast members, including Christopher Lloyd ("Doc" Brown), Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines), Claudia Wells (Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker) and James Tolkan (the school principal Mr. Strickland) were also present at the event.

Fox's appearance at the Comic Con was part of a schedule of events to raise funds for Michael J. Fox's Foundation, which works towards Parkinson's research. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's shortly after the third installment of Back To The Future was released back in 1991.

While Michael J. Fox's revelation is certain to displease some, it seems that for most fans, the original Back To The Future trilogy is too good to tamper with - and as it turns out, the franchise was also the reason that Michael J. Fox is an actor today. According to People, Fox revealed that as a 24-year-old struggling actor, it was perhaps time for him to consider other career options when Back To The Future came along.

"I was thinking of working on the fish dock or joining the military like my dad. Then suddenly I found myself on a set with Steven Spielberg... [I was] very overwhelmed by the whole experience. The nadir and the peak of my career happened at the same time."
We are glad Michael J. Fox chose acting over working at the docks because if it wasn't for him, we probably wouldn't want to go back to the future... err, past.

We've unearthed a Back To The Future gag reel for you, though, unfortunately, it doesn't have the DeLorean scenes that Michael J. Fox was talking about.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Bryan Steffy / Getty Images]