Young Thug: The First Gay Thug Rapper To Hit The Scene?

While many people have been scratching their heads in uncertainty at some of Young Thug’s more recent actions, such as copying Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone tattoo and tweeting to him while Gucci Mane was in prison for assault, “I love and miss you man,” to his die-hard adoration of Lil Wayne, so much that Weezy had a major beef with him about it when Thugger seemed to be copying album titles and themes from Lil Wayne. Then there was the odd relationship with Birdman, whom Lil Wayne had a major beef with after leaving his record company.

More recently, it appeared that Lil Wayne had decided to make amends with Young Thug, saying “I’d have to be a monster to not see he’s a fan” — but not a week later, an indictment came out that named both Birdman and Young Thug as possible suspects in the attempted murder of Lil Wayne when his bus was shot at last April. If you’re completely puzzled, you aren’t alone.

However, the one thing that does not puzzle anyone is Young Thug’s talent on the rap scene. He has a gritty abrasive quality, according to the Prophet Noz, that makes him impossible to ignore and easy to return to.

“Dude is just far and above my favorite rap performer right now. And I mean performer in the most literal sense. I’m enamored with his performance.”

And he isn’t the only one. Despite his legal troubles, many are entranced with Young Thug, particularly his propensity to wear feminine clothing, including tight skirts, and not seem to care what anyone thinks — not that many people seem to take issue with it. Of course, his bright nail polish and tight skirts does not determine his sexuality, but his choices combined with his obsession of other male rappers leave many in the music industry, and many fans, wondering if he just may be the first gay thug rapper.

Is it for publicity? Many wonder, and the fact that Thug is from Atlanta, a very gay-tolerant city, may simply mean Thug isn’t afraid to address his metrosexual side. He poses for pictures with men, then captions them as his “babe” or takes a picture with a male, captioned, “Me and my LOVE!!!!!!”

That does not equate to being gay. But, perhaps Young Thug doesn’t feel a need to make a big public declaration that he is gay, as he feels it is a non-issue as to the quality of his music. Many fans agree, and many disagree, with his Instagram photos receiving many hate messages about the effeminate messages of his pictures and captions. However, Young Thug doesn’t seem to care. He is who he is, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

What do you think — could Young Thug be the first gay gangster rapper to truly achieve success?

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