Ashley Madison Customer Service Rep Promises New Hack Info — Nearly 100,000 ‘Ashley Madison Hacked Accounts Email List’ Leaks, Likely Fake

Now that one of the two men whose information was leaked in the Ashley Madison hacking has spoken to the press, as reported by the Inquisitr, requests for updates about the hacking are rampant.

That man, who shall remain nameless in this article, reportedly nervously spoke to the Toronto Sun from his front porch, telling the publication that he’s been married for 20 years — and has one child. His Ashley Madison membership lasted two or three years after he joined in 2010, and even though he paid the website $19 to delete all of his information, it still hit the web in 2015 — complete with lots of other personal information.

As such, folks who poked around on Ashley Madison want to get their hands on as much new info as possible about the leak. Although leaked lists of email addresses continue to pop up online — whether they claim to be those of nearly 100,000 Ashley Madison email addresses or 2,550 or some other number — those seem pretty harmless on the onset. First off, this article will not link to any of those lists — be they real Ashley Madison users or fake lists designed to get readers to click off to nefarious links with malware. Lists of email addresses purporting to be Ashley Madison users mean nothing. Only in-depth personally identifying information — such as the names, addresses and other info leaked by the Impact Team affecting those two men thus far — with only one man speaking to the press so far — have confirmed their Ashley Madison participation.

All other lists claiming to be Ashley Madison email addresses could be lies, and therefore unconfirmed. Accompanied by plenty of religious rhetoric, one such list speaks a lot about repentance, sinning, and burning in hell — but leaves out important lessons about grace and forgiveness. Either way, general daily discussions on Reddit about the Ashley Madison hacking reveal what customer service reps at Ashley Madison are telling callers about forthcoming press releases beyond the initial July 20 press release about the hacking.

One such Reddit user, aptly named reddituser933234, wrote on Monday, July 27, that an Ashley Madison customer service rep promised new information soon — and claimed more hacking attempts were made.

“Here is what my CS rep said. No new information. But expect something soon. Referred me to the website for updates. There have been attempted dumps, but they have been intercepted by the mercenaries. So, that changes the scope a little bit. It sounds like they are still in battle. Attempted dumps? Well, they did a good job picking them off. She did say LE is involved with forensic experts.”

Meanwhile, the Ashley Madison Twitter account, the page, Noel Biderman’s Twitter page, and Ashley Madison’s Facebook page remain deathly silent as of this writing.

[Image via Ashley Madison]