Kim Richards’ Daughter Brooke ‘Refused’ To Speak To Her Until She Completed Rehab

Kim Richards suffered a relapse in Mexico as her daughter, Brooke Brinson, celebrated her wedding with husband Thayer Weiderhorn, and understandably, it caused a rift between the two women.

In May, Kim Richards left a rehab facility to attend her daughter’s nuptials, and while she planned to return to rehab days later, she skipped the deadline, choosing to instead stay our of the country. In the months since, the reality star has struggled to stay sober, and Brinson, for one, has refused to be an enabler.

On July 24, Page Six reported Kim Richards’ daughter, whose father is her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, wouldn’t speak to her until she completed a 30-day program in rehab.

“Her daughter Brooke gave her tough love. She wouldn’t see her mom until she completed the whole program.”

During the May wedding, eyewitness described Kim Richards as “out of it,” and according to an insider, Brinson was “incredibly embarrassed” by her behavior. Once she returned home, Brinson put her foot down once and for all, refusing to have any contact with her at all until she received the treatment she so clearly needed.

“Brooke said she wouldn’t have any contact with her mom until she got help. They had to have a bodyguard go to Mexico after the wedding to retrieve Kim and bring her home and back to treatment.”

Once Kim Richards returned to Los Angeles, she reportedly got a reality check, and checked back into rehab at a different location.

“[Kim Richards] checked into a new program just outside of LA — under a different name — and really committed to working on herself. She’s ready to hit reset and start fresh. Kim’s just trying to get it back together. She’s doing great.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Richards recently opened up about her Mexico behavior, claiming she was using prescription medication during her trip to Brinson’s wedding, which likely led her to drink. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight last week, Kim Richards admitted she wasn’t entirely sure of what happened during the nuptials.

“I was super stressed out and I looked on the ground and there were, like, two little margaritas, and I think I drank one. I am not even sure.”

According to Kim Richards, the rehab facility she was attending prior to her journey to Mexico put her on medication called Ativan, and recommended she not travel out of her country with such little clean time.

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