WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Vs. Sting Being Teased Again By WWE In Dream Matches For The Deadman

The return of The Undertaker for a match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam has many believing that the “Deadman” has more left in him than everyone thought. With that, so many fans still want a once-in-a-lifetime match between The Undertaker and longtime WCW legend, Sting. Well, it looks as if WWE is insistent on teasing that match and that only means it’s still possible to happen and possibly at WrestleMania 32.

A few months ago, the WWE editors put together their dream card for WrestleMania 32 in Texas next year, and one of the matches was The Undertaker vs. Sting.

Here, mere months have passed and, once again, the staff at WWE.com believe that “The Deadman vs. The Vigilante” is a match that “needs to happen.” They put together a short series dealing with five superstars they would like to see face The Undertaker.

Going down the line, the WWE staff would love to see Undertaker face Sheamus, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, and Finn Balor. After that, the first choice for a match with Undertaker is none other than Sting.

For years, the two were compared between WWE and WCW, but no-one ever thought it would happen. Once WCW was bought out, everyone got excited thinking that it was possible, but Sting never ended up in WWE at all.

Finally, it happened last year and the icon arrived in the one major wrestling promotion that he had never been in before. Everyone finally thought it was possible to see The Undertaker and Sting battle it out.

Now, Sting has been in the company for more than half a year and the two wrestling legends still have not crossed paths. It surely seems that WWE wants it to happen and is determined to beat it into the heads of fans whether it happens or not.

The other matches? They’re interesting choices to say the least. Sheamus and Undertaker would be interesting, but isn’t that big a deal. Seth Rollins owes his WWE Title and life to Undertaker thanks to him returning at Battleground and destroying Brock Lesnar.

Undertaker facing off with Finn Balor aka “The Demon” would be a great match of old vs. new and make for awesome visuals. The other most intriguing match-up is Undertaker vs. Luke Harper.

wwe rumors undertaker luke harper wyatt family ministry

While this would be a good match now, if the Wyatt Family had been around during the WWE Attitude Era, it would have been perfect. The Wyatt Family vs. the Ministry of Darkness would have been amazing and then even having the Wyatts join the Ministry, much like The Brood did.

Hopefully, there is plenty of time and fuel left in the tank of The Undertaker, and he can have some of these feuds in the future. No matter what, it really seems like a match with Sting is going to happen, and possibly at WrestleMania 32 and the WWE editors and writers really want it to take place.

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