#IAmCait Top Trending Hashtag On Twitter As Viewers React To ‘I Am Cait’ [Video]

The hashtag #IAmCait is a top trending topic on Twitter as of this writing, because the I Am Cait premiere has placed all eyes on Caitlyn Jenner, just as Kim Kardashian said.

Video snippets of I Am Cait are also appearing on Twitter, with users uploading poignant points of the docu-series online.

Even celebrities like Patti Stanger have weighed in with their opinions as they watch the docu-series and tweet under the #IAmCait hashtag.

As reported by the Inquisitr, I Am Cait video clips prior to the premiere showed Caitlyn awake in the middle of the night, worried about being a good role model in the forefront of the transgender community.

Although Rob Kardashian hasn’t been seen in recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has been keeping a low profile, Caitlyn did receive a phone call from Rob, showing his support. Jenner also received plenty of help from Kim, who has made buzz of her own lately by sporting cornrows of braids for an ad campaign for Hype energy drinks.

When Kylie first met Caitlyn, she reassured Jenner that she wasn’t afraid — but felt Caitlyn looked pretty.

Apparently, Kanye West dropped his traditional scowl to smile during the show, as Twitter users noted.


Others had comments about Kanye’s apparel.

Of course, not everyone tweeting under the #IAmCait label have positive things to say. However, many social media users are writing about the importance of empathy and understanding.

While certain viewers are sad that it took Jenner 65 years to realize her dream of transitioning to a woman, others are happy she’s living the life she’s always wanted to live. It’s a show that brought tears to viewers’ eyes.

According to Twitter, more than 26,000 tweets about the #IAmCait trend are flowing into the social networking site as viewers watch the premiere together.

The premiere is being called groundbreaking, and lead up to Jenner’s documentary showed Caitlyn and Laverne Cox enjoying a night out at the celebrity premiere, reported the Daily Mail.

“The brave @caitlynjenner at the #IamCait premiere.”

The #IamCait premiere features Twitter updates from users appreciating the honesty of Jenner’s mom, who admitted having a hard time thinking of Caitlyn as a she, after so many years of viewing her otherwise. Meanwhile, folks are also tweeting about lighter aspects of Jenner’s transition, such as being able to look stylish in Kylie’s turquoise hair extensions.

[Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]