Watch Kelly Clarkson Tear Up Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ — And Then See What Taylor Had To Say About It

Kelly Clarkson hasn’t had quite the chart success of some her contemporaries, despite being the voice that launched the never-ending American Idol franchise.

Still, hoards of fans have been eager to hear her tear into a real hit — so to hear Kelly cover Taylor Swift’s massively popular “Blank Space” might be a little bittersweet if you’re still waiting for Clarkson to find her next “Since U Been Gone.”

But perhaps this cover of Swift’s “Blank Space” will be a good jumping point for Kelly. In a recent interview with BBC, Clarkson spoke about how pop singers that she’s solicited collaborations with have often come back with “No.”

“I honestly would collaborate with a lot of people, but everyone usually says no. I’m not kidding you. I have legitimately asked several people that I’m not going to call out, and that’s cool, but I don’t know.”

Kelly later walked back these statements, saying that she meant it with humor. Whether or not you choose to believe her response is up to you — but you can’t help but wonder her cover of Taylor’s “Blank Space” might be a subtle sign that she wants to team up with Swift.

Taylor herself could be on board for such a pairing. Swift tweeted her support of Kelly’s cover.

What did you think of Kelly Clarkson’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”?

[Image via Isaac Brekken /Getty Images]