‘The Walking Dead’ Drops Hints Of A Former Character Returning In Season 6

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Walking Dead.

Through five years of The Walking Dead, fans have seen many characters come and go, either through death or mere departure, but season 6 of The Walking Dead may see an old friend returning to the show. Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) has not been seen since he took his wife and two children to Birmingham, but Comicbook reports that the sixth season of The Walking Dead is primed for Morales’ return.

The most compelling evidence for Pareja’s return to The Walking Dead as Morales came in some recent promotional material. A poster was issued and has since been shared throughout social media by fans of The Walking Dead, showing Morales looking embattled but tough, while the caption “Not Dead.” confirms what fans of The Walking Dead have long hoped.

Does this poster foretell the return of Morales? Some think so. Image courtesy of AMC/'The Walking Dead'

Adding to that seemingly incontrovertible evidence, Juan Gabriel Pareja’s name has been added to the credits on Fear The Walking Dead‘s IMDb page’s credits, only to have been removed a short time later. While it seems possible that the powers that be may be bringing Pareja in on the new companion series and that the removal of his name may indicate an effort to keep Morales’ return quiet, it is also likely that Morales is actually returning to the prime Walking Dead series.

Hopes that Morales would return to The Walking Dead have been circulating for quite some time, with Juan Gabriel Pareja playing no small part in resurrecting hopes that his Walking Dead character would return to the show in its fifth season. Pareja tweeted the words “MoralesLIVES” along with the now famous poster, giving fans of The Walking Dead reason to hope for a Season 5 return, but as that didn’t happen, fans began pushing to see Morales return in the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead.

Some theorize that the idea of Morales returning to The Walking Dead is not only unlikely, but ridiculous. When Morales and his family parted from the core group, they set off on a course that led them in the direct opposite direction as the first season of The Walking Dead came to a close. For Moarales to return in Season 6 of The Walking Dead would have to put the character changing direction for some unknown reason and surviving a long journey through dangerous terrain.

Some suggest such a journey would have resulted in brutal deaths for Morales and family, long before they could have reached The Walking Dead‘s primary group.

What do you think? Is Morales alive and returning to The Walking Dead?

[Featured image courtesy of AMC/The Walking Dead]