Bobbi Kristina Brown: Cousin Opens Up About Her Current Health Condition

Despite rumors of death, Bobbi Kristina Brown is holding on while she lay in hospice at the Duluth, Georgia, Peachtree Christian Hospice center. This weekend, her cousin Jerod Brown opened up about her present health condition and her life just before she was found comatose in her bathtub.

In an exclusive interview with the Mirror‘s Los Angeles editor, Katie Hind, Jerod spoke about Bobbi Kristina’s current condition, and how her father, Bobby Brown, hardly ever leaves her side.

“Bobbi lies there quietly. There is a bed for people to sleep in next to her so she isn’t on her own. My uncle Bobby doesn’t leave her side. He is being very strong. I like to think of Bobbi before this all happened.”

Jerod also touched on the rumors that his side of the family is continuously feuding with the Houston family. According to Jerod, both sides of the family are sticking together, despite previous arguments.

“It can get emotional with everything going on, but they’re not feuding. Everyone is supporting one another.”

Additionally, Jerod stated that Bobbi Kristina had big plans for her future, including starting her music career and releasing a new single to make her mother, the late Whitney Houston, proud.

“Bobbi’s mom was her guardian angel, and she wanted to make her proud. That was her mission. I will never forget the last time I spoke to Bobbi. It was just three days before the incident and she was so excited. She wanted to release her first single, to get on with her own music projects for her mum. She was about to move to Los Angeles to make it as a singer. She had even cut down on the cigarettes she was smoking to protect her voice.”


Bobbi Kristina’s desire to move to Los Angeles has sparked speculations that her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, flew into a jealous rage and attacked her. Although the claims are unsubstantiated, a few of Bobbi Kristina’s friends have indicated that Gordon was had been abusive on several occasions.

Gordon is currently under criminal investigation for Bobbi Kristina’s current condition, but according to Jerod, Gordon isn’t the only person authorities are looking at.

“Nick is being investigated but he isn’t the only one. But I don’t want to say he did anything wrong because we don’t know what happened. All I will say is that we want to find out. There is a lot of mystery in this situation. I knew Nick. I was close to him and Bobbi and she would always tell me I could trust him.”


Yet, Jerod states that he felt “vibes” about Gordon that differed from what Bobbi Kristina said.

“The day after I last spoke to Bobbi, I called her but he answered her phone and said he would get her to call me back. But she didn’t. I felt some bad vibes from my short conversation with him.”

Despite the rumors of abuse, Jerod stated that all Bobbi Kristina wanted was to have a family and be loved. He said that although Bobbi Kristina and Gordon were not married yet, they had a wedding planned for August 9.

Meanwhile, Gordon has remained mum on the recent accusations. Earlier this year, however, Gordon took to Twitter to proclaim his innocence, stating he had nothing to do Bobbi Kristina’s current condition and that he loved her.

Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in hospice care with a picture of Whitney Houston by her bedside. Although there is no movement from her or acknowledement, family members believe that the framed photo of her late mother is comforting Bobbi Kristina during this difficult time.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]