Windows 10’s Mandatory Automatic Updates Could Spell Problems For Users

Windows 10 is nearly upon us; the next iteration following on from Windows 8.1 is set to begin rolling out on July 29, but there’s a problem. According to Forbes, Windows 10’s new mandatory automatic updates have been causing problems for users of Nvidia graphics cards.

When Windows automatically updates, it’s grabbing the latest drivers, which, according to users, have begun causing problems, Forbes reports. These issues range from dual-monitor setups malfunctioning, to, in the very worst case scenario, problems with the PC booting. And, since the updates are automatic, there’s no way to stop Windows grabbing the drivers again, and again, and again.

According to WinBeta, an Nvidia spokesperson has confirmed that the issue with the drivers will be fixed shortly.

“We have a fix for this issue in our next driver coming next week for the launch of Windows 10.”

Although this problem should soon be fixed, it does demonstrate a problem with the new policy of compulsory automatic updates. Without the user having control over installing the latest drivers, the potential for problems is huge.

Another problem arises with ways to solve the problem. Forbes also reports that Microsoft product marketing manager, Helen Harmetz, has previously said anyone who continually blocks the installation of updates manually could face losing security updates altogether, leaving their system a whole other level of insecure.

The driver issue isn’t the only problem to have recently arisen, according to Winsupersite. They claim that another Windows 10 update, released to those already using the OS through the Windows Insider program, known as KB3074681, has been crashing Explorer when certain actions are performed. According to the site, they have since been contacted by Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, who informed them a fix would be coming soon.

Teething problems are nothing new when it comes to software, especially on something as major as an operating system. When Mac OS X Snow Leopard launched back in 2009, there were issues with data loss, with some users losing their entire profiles after logging in using a guest account, according to a contemporary report by the BBC.

It could prove prudent to hang on to your copy of Windows 7 or 8 for a while before upgrading to Windows 10, to allow any bugs or other launch problems to be ironed out.

Will you take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible, or hang back and see if any major problems are reported?

[Lead image via Windows Blog]