Funny Animal Video: Scaredy-Cat’s Rocket Launch At Sight Of Cucumber Is More Than You Can Bear

This week’s funny animal video involves a unnerved cat, rocket boosters (well, sort of), a savvy camera person, and the case of a stealthy cucumber.

The YouTube viral footage, posted by — and appropriately named — user, FunnyVideos, shows a cat dining on its meal or midday treat. When the feline is done eating, it gingerly backs up and turns to its left. That’s when all chaos ensues.

When the unsuspecting cat realizes a cucumber (or landmine) — which was placed there, undoubtedly, by its owner — crept up from behind, it fires its rocket boosters and avoids a veggie assault.

If you’re a cat owner, you know how petrified they can be at the sight or sound of anything that takes it off guard: your Roomba vaccuum, alarm, toaster, kettle or even your ringing smartphone. And yes, cucumbers are included on the list of things that cause cats to freak out momentarily. Life with cats is full of surprises.

Although this cat’s jump is quite impressive, there is another Internet star that won over the hearts of many viewers in another viral video. Meet Nya-suke, as written by Daily Mail in November of 2013. This furry companion is known to leap more than half the height of a standard home ceiling.

“[The cat], a tabby living in Japan, has garnered a following of feline fans after his owner began posting videos of his impressive antics on the internet. Known as the ‘Jumping Cat’ his owner, Youtube user Jamuomii, explained, the average cat can jump about five times their height, which is typically about 150cm or 4ft 11in.”

[Photo: YouTube]