Demi Moore Fears A Real Life Ghost As She Sells Her House

Of all of Demi Moore’s films, Ms. Moore is probably most well-known for her role as Molly Jensen in Ghost, and now it seems that Demi is worried about reliving the experience in real life. Ms. Moore told friends that she will be selling her Los Angeles mansion, because she’s afraid of what may happen in the wake of Edenilson Steven Valle losing his life in her swimming pool.

At the very least, Demi told friends, she is concerned that the house is now cursed with bad karma, following the “unthinkable tragedy,” and Ms. Moore has yet to return to the Los Angeles home.

“Demi doesn’t want to go back to the house. She will sell it and move on as she finds it so distressing that someone died in her pool,” reported a friend close to Ms. Moore. “She just feels the home will have a bad karma about it. No one wants to live in a house where someone has died. Her daughters are also uncomfortable about ever having a pool party again knowing a man lost his life.”

While some may think Demi is being overly superstitious, considering that nearly every house has seen at least one death, the mere fact that Ms. Moore is having so much difficulty returning to the mansion seems to have made the decision to sell for her.

“That home was her sanctuary but now she can barely bring herself to set foot in it. She aims to wait for a respectful period before putting it on the market,” another source close to Ms. Moore said.

Ms. Moore has owned the mansion designed with 1950s decor since 2003, when Demi and then husband Ashton Kutcher purchased it, following their wedding.

One week ago, Valle’s body was found floating in the property’s swimming pool and, while his parents have confirmed that Edenilson could not swim, police have ruled the death an accident.

“The caretaker and her boyfriend were there and they invited some people over. According to the witnesses, he had a couple of beers. He was not a big drinker and he said he didn’t know how to swim very well,” said coroner Ed Winter.

As Demi received news of the accident, friends said she was devastated by the news and had taken the time to process the sad news before responding with a public statement.

“My heart goes out to this young man’s family and friends,” Ms. Moore said in the statement.

[Featured image: Demi Moore courtesy of Mark Davis/Getty Images for Santa Barbara International Film Festival]

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