Kate Hudson’s ‘Trap Queen’ Instagram Video With Son Gets 71,400 Likes In 10 Hours [Video]

Kate Hudson is known to win at plenty of things she does. Whether it’s a starring turn as the female lead of Almost Famous or at being the famous daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate is well loved by her fans. Even Hudson’s popular workout clothing company, Fabletics, is adored by those who avail themselves of the subscription-based shopping model. On Sunday, Kate went viral on Instagram with a short video with her son, singing and dancing to the song “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap.


The Instagram account of explained why the “Trap Queen” impromptu session came about, as she waited with her son in an airport lounge. Kate’s hashtags also explained her trepidation at allowing the 11-year-old to have his own Instagram account. Fortunately, the version of the hit song used in the Instagram snippet is the clean version. “Trap Queen” has won fame for Wap, who waxes nostalgic about a woman who’s there for him through thick and thin, and therefore he rewards her with shopping trips, his love and luxurious cars that make her want for nothing.

How we deal with airport lounge boredom… #TrapQueen#DancingWithMyBoy #HeyWhatsUpHello #WhenYourPreTeenWantsHisOwnInstagramAndYoureLikeNoooooooo

The 36-year-old Kate’s son, Ryder, shows off his dance moves with his mother, reports Us Weekly Magazine‎ — as they both lip sync together. As reported by the Inquisitr, Fetty himself sang “Trap Queen” on the 2015 BET Awards, after finally mounting the stage near the end of the show — with Wap fans happy that the rapper was able to sing his anthem at last.

Ryder is the son that Kate shares with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, singer of the rock band The Black Crowes, who gained fame with such hits as “Jealous Again,” “Hard to Handle,” and more. In the video, Kate looks very stylish while she dons her ASOS red jumpsuit. As expected, the exercise queen looked slim and sleek as she danced in her grey top with her large sunglasses.

Kate is known for her fashion stylings, with Hudson’s sheer outfit at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Saint-Tropez gala making the rounds in recent days, as reported by Yahoo!‎. Hudson was also in the news for her contemptuous relationship with her father, Bill Hudson, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That relationship soured after Goldie and Bill’s bitter break-up, with Bill accusing his ex of cheating on him with famous men. Recently, Bill told his children to stop using the Hudson name.

[Image via Instagram]