Apple iPhone 7 Speculations Swirling, Is It Enough To Sustain Apple's Success?

Ernest Shepard

Big things are supposedly in the works for the Apple iPhone 7. Will anything Apple does be enough to stop the sudden drop in stock buys and the electronic freight train known as Samsung?

Fortune reported on July 22 that while Apple's sales were up 33 percent investors were in sell now mode. It was explained that the recent success was due to the interest generated by the unveiling of Apple's new music streaming service and Apple TV. As long as the name of Apple is on the tip of our tongues, we will be buyers of their products. The concern is how long will Apple sustain their success?

Rumors have been swirling around the iPhone 7 for months.

Questions have been raised about how is the iPhone 7 going to look, the specifications, the features of the iPhone 7, etc. Rumors and speculations are great for generating a buzz, but this is Apple we are talking about -- the name should speak for itself.

What does that mean for Apple and the handheld device industry?

There's speculation that the iPhone 7 will perhaps be the first phone that does not need to charge. Just set your iPhone 7 down for a short period of time and let it replenish its power. It is much like a scientific calculator.

An awesome idea, absolutely. Is it enough to sustain a buzz, until something is confirmed by Apple, not so much! Right now the idea makes the iPhone 7 seem more of a novelty idea than a strong selling point. When you factor in how much it may cost to own a piece of technology like this, you may not want to break the bank for it. You will need more information to convince you to stand in line with several people for hours while waiting to get your hands on it.

The iPhone 7 may bypass the A9 processor and jump to the A10 processor instead, according to a Tech Times post. They also report that Apple is opting for a 16 megapixel camera with a quad HD retina display.

We will not know the full impact of the A10 processor chip inside of the iPhone 7 due to the fact that there are not many devices packed with the A9 chip for our comparisons. What we do know is that the iPhone 7 will be fast and handle more functions than perhaps Apple iPad Mini series.

The camera's capabilities should become the standard bearer of smartphones for years to come, if Apple does confirm the rumors surrounding it. Will it still be enough to take back handheld device supremacy?

Samsung has pushed the envelope before with their handheld gadgets. Their innovation has inspired rival brands, including Apple to step up their efforts in order to maintain some semblance of presence. The Galaxy 7 being foldable would be akin to the first cellphone with a sliding keypad. It is worthy of a looksee and then some.

Can the iPhone 7 save the day for Apple? That remains to be seen. The rumors and speculations are out there for Apple's next smartphone, but with nothing confirmed for the iPhone 7, that leaves consumers in the dark with what is next. That is good enough to give Apple a buzz, though not enough to sustain anything.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]