Joe McMahon, ‘Deadliest Catch’ Producer, Suffers Death By Gunshot At 25 As Suspect Kills Himself: Police Seek Motive

Joe McMahon, known as a producer for Deadliest Catch, died from gunshot wounds. Found in the early morning hours lying in front of his Pasadena house, Joe was only 25-years-old, reported MSN.

“We are heartsick about this tragedy — our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all that knew and worked with him,” said the Deadliest Catch network, Discovery, about McMahon’s death.

The call about the sound of gunshots to Los Angeles County sheriff deputies occurred at 2:19 a.m. Police immediately headed to the Pasadena neighborhood where Joe resided. McMahon’s body was lying on a driveway by his home, said the police.

Joe was identified by his family, who confirmed that he had contributed to Deadliest Catch. McMahon was an associate producer in 2013.

No motive is known, but neither a gang affiliation nor drugs are suspected in Joe’s death investigation.

Police did identify a suspect responsible for McMahon’s death, and that individual was subsequently found dead of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot, reported the Los Angeles Times.

That man, who is 24 but whose identity is not yet publicly known, was discovered inside his car in nearby Brentwood, California.

Lt. Holly Francisco revealed that Joe had sustained gunshot wounds on his body, and that McMahon died on the street. He resided near the home of his parents, and that neighborhood is where he was shot.

However, Francisco emphasized that no known motive has yet been found for Joe’s death. Eyewitnesses revealed that in addition to the gunshots, they heard a car driving quickly away from the block.

At this time, Francisco revealed that the investigators are seeking family members, former colleagues, friends, as well as surveillance video footage, searching desperately to solve the mystery of why McMahon was murdered.

“We want to talk to the last group of people who he was with,” she stated firmly.

On the morning that Joe died, McMahon was discovered by police, who revealed that he was “suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.” He was pronounced dead as he lay one driveway away from his residence, reported Us Weekly.

Investigators also noted that Joe had exited his home only a short while prior to the shooting death. However, they continue to look for causes other than drugs or gangs.

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