Windows 10 Countdown To Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri

Windows 10 is finally coming out with its own AI assistant. If Apple had Siri for years, Microsoft finally gives Windows 10 users their very own Siri — but she will be called Cortana.

Windows 10 users are very excited with the introduction of Cortana in Windows 10, a huge breakthrough in PC, since this is the first time Windows users will actually be able to talk to their computers. Talking AI assistants were once exclusive to the more widely used iPhones and even Samsung smartphones as of late, but Windows 10 is finally upping the ante with Cortana.

We are days away from the official release of Windows 10, and more and more Windows users are starting to entertain the idea of upgrading to Windows 10. Cortana is only one of the many groundbreaking features to be introduced in Windows 10, but this AI feature is certainly one to watch out for. One of the many beta testers of the upcoming Windows 10, Digital Trendsreports the cool capabilities of Windows 10’s new AI assist, Cortana. Watch out, Siri!

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, will replace Internet Explorer, and Cortana is designed to work really well with Windows 10’s Edge. One feature is highlighting a particular word or phrase and upon right-click, Cortana will summon a sidebar that will provide definition and help.

Cortana is also well versed when it comes to treasure hunting, and searching your OneDrive and local files have never been easier with Windows 10 and Cortana. This is one of the handy features for students and professionals keeping huge amounts of files on local drive and on the cloud.

Microsoft has also taken into account that every individual has unique needs when it comes to technology. Cortana is not only exclusive to Windows 10 PC, but could also jump across platforms to Android and Apple phones. Of course, it is still notable that Cortana works the best when she is in a Windows phone or PC, but this is a start of something great for Windows 10’s new AI.

Another good thing about Cortana is that she is able to decipher vocal ranges, thus allowing for a more personal recognition in Windows 10. Xbox One users may be familiar with the voice compatibility of Kinect and how irritating it is when other users in the house jump into your activity by shouting random commands. Windows 10’s Cortana will be one step ahead of that and is designed to learn the Windows 10 user’s own vocal range as time goes on.

Thanks to Microsoft’s long history of video games, it is refreshing to see Windows 10’s new AI develop her own attitude and personality. With the voice of Jen Taylor, Cortana is able to make a joke, sing a song, make fun of Siri, drop comments about previous Microsoft leaders, and even narrate some of her experiences with Halo and Masterchief. Another pretty cool feature in Windows 10, especially for those with so much time to burn.

Gizmodo also made an experiment on how responsive Windows 10’s Cortana is to different microphones, and it is good to know that even built-in microphones are able to make Cortana work. Although, of course, better microphone means better performance.

Windows 10 and Cortana are coming officially to Windows PCs, phones, and tablets in July 29. Have you figured out yet if you’re upgrading to Windows 10?

[Image via Digital Trends]

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