‘Big Brother 17’: Is Time Up For Austin Matelson? [Spoilers]

Way back in the first week of Big Brother 17, Austin Matelson and Vanessa Rousso formed a bond. The poker player gave the former wrestler her “fast forward” pass that allowed both to escape eviction for that week.

As Buddy TV reported at the time, Vanessa put a lot of thought into whom she chose. She wanted someone with strengths she didn’t have, apparently foreseeing an eventual alliance. Meanwhile, Austin told the diary room camera he wouldn’t hesitate to turn on Vanessa if need be.

Now, it seems that the Vanessa-Austin alliance has come unraveled. But it’s Matelson, and not Rousso, who could be walking out the door as a result.

[Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.]

On Thursday, Vanessa and Jackie Ibarra were named the two Heads of Household. Jackie told Vanessa her target was Austin. According to Big Brother Network, Vanessa agreed to backdoor Austin but also tested Austin’s loyalty to her by feeding him misinformation. She caught Austin in a lie, which was enough for her to let him go as an ally and justify a backdoor.

Jackie nominated Liz and James, and Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky. Vanessa did not want to remain in power, lest she get blood on her hands by backdooring Austin. But as BBN documented, things did not go according to plan. Liz and James won the Battle of the Block, and Vanessa remained HOH. Clay won veto, and Vanessa still plans to name Austin as the replacement nominee.

One of Austin’s missteps may have been his “fauxmance” with Liz Nolan. Liz is actually twin sisters Liz and Julia, and since Liz won the BOB this week, she is immune from eviction. This means that after Thursday, the twins will have met their goal of surviving five evictions and can both enter the house.

While Liz is using Austin’s affections to further her game, Julia would rather stay clear of him. Austin knows about the “twin twist” and has been openly affectionate with Liz while she’s in the house. When the plan to backdoor Austin was developed, Julia was in the house, and she was completely on board. Julia told Vanessa that Austin, as his alter-ego “Judas,” was the one vote to keep Audrey Middleton. Vanessa conveyed that information to alliance member Shelli Poole, who also questions Austin’s loyalty.

Austin was instrumental in evicting Jeff Weldon, another house guest who vied for Liz’s affections. Commentators at the time questioned whether it was good game play or whether Austin was driven by his feelings for Liz.

On Thursday, Austin told Jason Roy about the twin twist. Austin said he wanted both twins to enter the house, but his ultimate objective was to go to jury with just Liz and that Julia was expendable. As BBN reported the goings-on, Jason said Austin wanted Liz in the jury house with him for “romantic” reasons.

Shelli and Clay Honeycutt, who heard about Austin’s comments about the twins, agreed that Matelson was on Big Brother for self-promotion and dating and had no interest in playing the game.

So even if Austin does support the twins entering the house after this Thursday’s eviction, it appears he may not be around to see it.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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