YG Entertainment Entices 2NE1 Fans – K-Pop Group’s Comeback Is In The Works After 17 Months

Up until now, 2015 has proved to be a year of comebacks in K-pop. It started with Big Bang releasing Made, their latest Korean album since Remember back in 2008. Their album’s main track, “Bang Bang Bang,” was well-recieved among K-pop fans worldwide that it made it on iTunes U.S. top 100.

The comeback hype continued when So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) — better known as Girls’ Generation — announced their return as an eight-member group after Jessica Jung was removed. And if those two comebacks weren’t enough, Wonder Girls announced their return later this year after more than five years away.

Even though the aforementioned K-pop groups have gotten fans all hyped up, many still wonder when 2NE1, a K-pop group that dominated 2014, will release their next album. Now there is official confirmation that 2NE1 is indeed working on their own comeback, or at least planning to.

The highly-anticipated news broke on Korea’s Star News through YG Life. It was first questioned why 2NE1 didn’t jump on the comeback bandwagon following the lead of Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. Apparently, it came down to the fact each member of 2NE1 was busy working on their solo careers. This is definitely true for CL and Dara. The former has been preparing for a debut in the American music market while the latter concentrated on her acting career.

Unfortunately, not all the members of 2NE1 did well with their solo careers. Back in 2014, Bom had to take a break from the spotlight due to her previous legal battle. Apparently, Bom’s family sent drugs from the United States to her. Although the drugs are legal in the U.S., they are illegal in South Korea.

Still, it seems that at this moment, 2NE1 are at a point in their solo careers to possibly get back together as a group. According to KpopStarz, YG Entertainment claims 2NE1 is positively considering the release of a new song. Though 2NE1 fans may leap for joy hearing such an announcement, they’ll probably be sad to know the song will be released “by next year at latest.” That means something new by 2NE1 can release as soon as tomorrow but as late as the last day of 2016.

In conclusion, it’s good to hear some semblance that 2NE1 is working together again. For their fans, that surely means the world after more than 17 months of no news on the matter.

[Image via 2NE1’s Official Facebook Page]