‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Spoilers: What To Expect In The Premiere

Big Bang Theory fans can hardly wait for Season 9 to begin after Season 8’s huge finale. Spoilers and rumors have been flying about what may happen in the upcoming season of the hit CBS series, but there are a few things we know for certain.

According to Yibada, Sheldon and Amy’s story may be front and center during the premiere episode of Season 9. When we last saw the couple known as “Shamy,” Amy was heartbroken and breaking up with Sheldon, who had bought her an engagement ring and had planned to propose to his longtime girlfriend in a stunning move.

However, on The Big Bang Theory Season 9, fans will finally get to know Amy Farrah Fowler a bit better. Flashbacks will reportedly show Amy’s life before she met Sheldon, which should be interesting since her character and personality have changed quite a bit during her relationship with Sheldon.

In the past, Amy has opened up to friends Penny and Bernadette that she had a very lonely childhood and didn’t really have any friends. She was an outcast and nerdy and didn’t fit in with her peers. However, when she met Sheldon her world changed. She found a man quirky and inelegant like her, and along with him came his goofy and lovable group of friends.

Amy now has friends to lean on and she’ll likely be leaning hard on Penny and Bernadette now that she and Sheldon are on the rocks.

Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard’s relationship may also be taking a huge turn, Christian Today reports. When The Big Bang Theory Season 8 ended the couple were off to Las Vegas to get married, although it was never revealed whether they made it to the altar or not. It seems like they won’t go through with it unless their friends and family are there, but they’ve done some pretty crazy things in the past so it’s hard to judge.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Season 9 could also bring up another interesting story line for Penny. As fans know, her last name has never been revealed on the show, and this could mean that she’s related to one of the characters. It would be funny to see a family connection to one of the other members of the group like Sheldon for instance, but hopefully she’s not related to her fiance Leonard as that could cause a whole other set of issues for the couple to deal with.

What are your thoughts on the latest Big Bang Theory Season 9 spoilers?

[Photo By: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]